Wet, Frizzy Curls?

Ever noticed that your hair is super frizzy when wet? Many curly females deal with frizzy hair, particularly frizzy curls when they're wet.Here's why your curls get frizzy when they're damp, and how to fix it.
Wet frizz usually happens after washing and squeezing out excess water. It might also happen while you're drying or applying products to your curls. Wet frizz, like most frizz, is subtle, as each curl type reacts differently to it. Frizz indicates that your strands are parched and require hydration. This might happen if you don't utilize products properly, your curls are damaged, or you use harsh products on your strands. The strands of your curls can grow brittle over time if they aren't getting what they require. Make sure you're aware of what's in the things you're utilizing.

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