The Most Binge Worthy Netflix Shows!

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With lessened possibilities for viewers to be distracted when there are no advertising on most platforms. Netflix will even start playing the following episode of a series while the credits for the prior episode are still rolling. Cliffhanger endings exist to keep us interested and compelled to watch the following episode.

In the past 2 years of the pandemic, most of us would have found ourselves binge watching our favourite show on our streaming service of choice. Here are some of our favourite shows to binge watch on Netflix:



The soap opera, which stars Winfrey and a stellar ensemble that includes Keith David and Lynn Whitfield, is about a daughter's return to her family's Memphis megachurch business. It's similar to Empire with less brutality and more conscience. Whitfield portrays Lady Mae Greenleaf, the wife of Bishop James Greenleaf (Keith David), who runs Calvary Fellowship World Ministries with her. Whitfield's character, a true Lady Macbeth, is the greatest foe of Grace (Merle Dandridge).

It immediately becomes evident that not everything at Calvary and in the Greenleaf household is calm. Grace, who has broken connections with the family and is now a journalist, returns after her sister Faith's death (who supposedly drowned in the lake on the family estate). Lady Mae advises Grace not to "sow seeds of discord in my fields of peace" when the prodigal daughter returns with her daughter Sophia (Desiree Ross). Grace soon begins investigating her sister's death. She and her Aunt Mavis (Winfrey), Lady Mae's sister who owns a Beale Street tavern, both believe Faith committed herself as a result of years of sexual abuse by her Uncle Mac (Gregory Alan Williams). Furthermore, Mavis suspects Mac has raped other churchgoers. However, this is merely one of the family's mysteries. Infidelity and financial mismanagement are other problems.


The Good Place

The Good Place tells the narrative of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), a recently departed and less-than-caring individual who finds herself in the Good Place after death. Eleanor, on the other hand, swiftly realizes that she doesn't belong in the Good Place – not because we're condemning her, but because she's made aware of a technical error that confused her with another Eleanor Shellstrop.

Rather than telling head man in charge Michael (Ted Danson), she seizes a second opportunity and vows to show herself deserving of a position in the good place. Enlisting the help of her supposed soulmate-turned-confidante Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper), an academic who defines their predicament as "a putrid, disgusting bowl of ethical soup." D'Arcy Carden's performance as Janet, an all-knowing humanoid cyborg who answers inhabitants' queries about absolutely anything, never gets old, while Adam Scott makes a wonderful brief appearance as the Bad Place's boss. As Eleanor gets to know her neighbors, they all develop backstories and personalities that spoof clichés and provide limitless hilarity to what could have been a dull old binary of good and evil.



He's the fallen angel, the Lord of Hell, the true Prince of Darkness, and he's back for round three of doling out punishment and avoiding dear old dad. That's right, the wonderfully diabolical Lucifer Morningstar triumphantly been signed to Netflix after being cancelled by Fox, and the program wasted no time in laying the stage for 5 seasons of murder, mayhem, and celestial destiny.

By nature, Lucifer is irresistible to practically everyone, and he possesses the extraordinary capacity to compel individuals to express their deepest desires. He can enchant the pants off anyone – both literally and figuratively – and possesses the gift of the British wit, making him one of the most endearing characters on TV. While some narrative strands and character arcs persist through each season, growing as the characters grow, Lucifer is also a police procedural show. Each episode focuses on a new crime, murder, or mystery, which is generally solved and neatly packed at the conclusion of the show.

Those who have yet to discover the delights of Tom Ellis' wisecracking, pun-loving Devil, on the other hand, are missing out on a genuine pleasure. It's a mix of fantasy drama and buddy cop comedy, and it's one of the greatest comic book spin offs on Netflix right now.


Ginny and Georgia

Ginny & Georgia opens with the unexpected loss of Georgia's (Brianne Howey) affluent short-term husband; she flees Houston with her 15-year-old daughter, Virginia aka Ginny (Antonia Gentry), and 9-year-old son, Austin (Diesel La Torraca), for a quaint, posh, fictitious Massachusetts town. Georgia connives her way into a position with the gorgeous local mayor (Scott Portman), Ginny meets a group of pals who lead her into a flurry of sex and drug-related firsts, and little Austin fights a bully with the aid of his mother. What precisely happened to Georgia's husband, what other secrets is Georgia keeping, and how will biracial Ginny survive in their predominantly White town?

Ginny & Georgia is one of those shows that you can't stop watching because there's always something new to uncover or understand at the conclusion of each episode. It is essentially a modern version of Gilmore girls that highlights issues such as racism, teenage pregnancy, body image and self-esteem along with several other topics. But it's not just the show's mysteries that keep you hooked. The narrative's overall structure, which is both light and dramatic, captivates people watching.


Good Girls

The plot of Good Girls revolves around three women. There's Beth, a mother of four whose marriage is failing and they're drowning in debt; then there's Annie (Beth's sister), a single mother who barely makes ends meet; and finally, Ruby, their friend whose daughter has kidney failure and she and her husband don't have enough money for better medical care.

The show follows them as they decide to quit playing it safe and make some dramatic actions to better their financial conditions, beginning with stealing a small store. The three ladies find themselves in situations they never imagined they would find themselves in. Instead of waiting for the world to suddenly cure their problems, they decide to take destiny into their own hands and jeopardize all to repair the crumbling around them. In dire circumstances, drastic methods are required.


The 100

The 100 is plotted around a group of 100 "delinquent" youngsters transported down to what was previously assumed to be an inhospitable, nuclear-wrecked Earth 97 years in the future. They immediately discover that they were mistaken, and things grow more complex when they meet other groups of people already residing there, such as the "Grounders," who aren't exactly welcoming. There's a lot more going on, but we don't want to reveal too much.

The 100 will keep you on your toes the entire time thanks to its epic discoveries, multiple fights, continual travel, and dramatic power conflicts. You will absolutely be unable to stop watching the program once you begin!


Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery may be the most polarizing series in the iconic science fiction franchise. Discovery, which debuted in 2017 after a 12-year hiatus for Trek television, was the first Star Trek series to appear behind a streaming paywall, a contentious decision in and of itself, but it also signaled a dramatic reworking of the franchise's aesthetic and narrative approach. Star Trek television would now look and feel more like the movies, with much more action-adventure and suspense and less academic argument and technobabble.

Even after four seasons, it would be a stretch to suggest that Discovery compares to the finest Trek programs (The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine remain unrivaled), but it's also such a unique show that it's difficult to compare.



Bridgerton is one of those shows that can be binge-watched in a short amount of time. Teas and duvets are aplenty in this opulent period drama, as are absurdly pompous syntaxes. The sensual encounters, vibrant clothing, and ridiculously wealthy mansions, manors, and castles hug and soothe you. Not to mention the cast of characters, each with their own unique quirks that make the show compelling to watch.

The plot is set in Regency London and follows families that are determined to marry their daughters off to excellent spouses, with riches and position taking precedence over love. Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), the oldest Bridgerton daughter, has reached marriageable age and must find a partner. She had shown all of the stringent etiquette and courteous customs in front of the irascible Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel). However, the intolerably pompous Duke Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) knocks her off her feet, Mr Darcy-style. They begin by disliking each other, then fall in love, and so on. The show also features a scandalous writer Lady Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews) who writes weekly about the secrets of the town. Along the daily dramas of the “Ton '' there is a search to find out who this Lady Whistledown might be….