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Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game (AR). With the assistance of Nintendo, Niantic created the game. The game was made available everywhere on July 6, 2016. This game makes use of mobile GPS technology. It's free to play the game. The game's primary advantage is that it encourages exercise.

A large collection of Pokemon is available in the game. According to some sources, there are about 600 Pokemon present in-game that have to be found while playing the game. Each Pokemon is exclusive and comes with its own specialties.

In this post, we will look at the best Pokemon available in the game.

In-Game Pokemon:

According to their strength and features, all Pokemon are divided into two groups:

  • Attackers
  • Defenders

One thing is clear the best out of every Pokemon comes out by the way it is utilized. We will be discussing them one by one.


Registeel is a strong defensive kind of Pokemon with few weaknesses, and Registeel is the steel type with the best overall stats in Pokémon GO. He cannot be placed in gyms again due to his legendary status, but he will land up on a lot of Great League teams in the GO Battle League.

There are also additional Pokemon in Pokemon GO that are effective both offensively and defensively.


Even without great moves, Mewtwo is still pretty much the best all-arounder, having more mass and attack than other attackers. Focus Blast can also be used to clear gyms in a fighting-style fashion. Mewtwo can do a maximum of 4000 cp worth of damage.


The finest water type now in Pokémon GO, Kyogre frequently appears in raids and ships with both potent offensive and excellent defense stats. To outrun large rock and earth type defenders or raid bosses, use Hydro Pump or Surf. If you are up against a dragon or need protection from the grass species that will give incredibly effective harm in return, Ice Beam is another choice.


Machamp is a strong attacker despite being somewhat fragile. You will soon discover that many of the top defensive Pokémon are vulnerable to combat-type attacks, giving Machamp a clear advantage. Although Cross Chop and Close Combat both function well, we advise running Counter or Dynamic Punch.


A very high HP and a respectable maximum CP are advantages for Blissey. It also has a great deal of stamina. Overall, Blissey is a fantastic option for protecting gyms.

You can explore the wild to find Chansey and its previous evolution. Also occasionally discovered in eggs is Happiny, the infant form of the Pokémon.


Slaking is the Pokémon with the maximum combined CP and HP.

After Vigoroth, Slaking is the third development of Slakoth. To progress from Vigoroth, it needs 100 Candy. Slakoth can be produced from eggs laid by 10km or discovered in grassy regions. This is advantageous because many of the other Pokémon Go's strongest Pokémon are legendaries, making Slakoth a more accessible choice even though it might take some time to fully evolve.


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