10 Best Ad Blocker For Android in 2022

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Ad blockers are software programs that prevent ads from appearing on websites. They are designed to improve user experience by reducing the amount of time spent waiting for pages to load or advertisements to play. In fact, according to Google, over 50% of Android phones now come preloaded with ad blocker apps.

AdBlocker has become very popular over the years and now accounts for nearly half of all devices worldwide. This means that millions of people are using it every day to block ads on their devices. If you want to block ads, then you should download AdBlocker on your device.

But Ad blocking has become a major issue for publishers because they earn revenue through advertising. In fact, according to eMarketer, advertisers spend $22.5 billion annually on display advertising alone.

Ad blockers are becoming more prevalent, but they aren't always effective at stopping ads from loading. How well does AdBlocker work? It depends on the App you choose, to help you ease your work we have created a list of the 10 best ad blockers for Android in 2022.



NetGuard is another popular ad-blocking app that provides one with the various feature of blocking internet access for any sort of app and address. NetGuard let you manually add and remove any app or website address on the list of blocking access to the internet. Another best feature of NetGuard is the fact that the developer vigorously supports the app by releasing frequent updates to keep bugs from happening.

NetGuard can block any types of ads that collect and track user activities on your device. It can also work on non-rooted Android devices, So, with this feature, NetGuard is one of the best apps to consider in our 10 best ad blocker for android in 2022.

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Blokada is another best Ad blocker app for Android in our 10 best ad blockers for Android in 2022. Blokada is capable of blocking irritating ads on your device from appearing and it also helps you protect your device from suspicious activities such as phishing.

By using Blokada you can customize the setting and let you whitelist any required websites. Blokada also lets you filter out any certain types of ads from appearing on your device with your choice. It also notifies you any of your apps are tracking your activity anonymously without your consent.

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Block This

Block this is another Open-Source DNS Based ad blocker App for Android in our 10 Best Ad blocker for Android in 2022 list. Block this is capable to block harmful ads appearing on your mobile device. With the use of Block This, you can save the battery life of your Android mobile and block unwanted apps on your Android device.

Unfortunately, Block This App is not directly available to download on the play store instead, you can download its App from the website.

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AdClear is leading the position of an Ad blocker for Android in the play store, which is developed by Seven Networks. AdClear is capable of blocking several types of annoying ads on your mobile device. From Youtube to Facebook or any other Apps, AdClear makes sure to block ads and block the click-bait content from extracting information from your device.

Like Adblocker Fast and Disconnect Pro, AdClear also doesn't require root access on your device. AdClear has firewall and memory optimization features for quick loading of web pages and is to be considered for the 10 best ad blockers for Android in 2022.

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AdAway is one of the best free Adblocker Apps for Android users and it is open-source software that hosts files on your mobile device to block ads from appearing. When any App on your device sends a request for Ads, AdAway block that request and automatically redirects the page to which means it doesn't let leave your personal information out of your device.

With AdAway you can surf the internet without any annoying advertisements and it also lets you configure its host files to your preference.

AdAway does not require a rooted device as it stores the host files in a read-only system partition. Adway is one of the Top 10 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022

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Disconnect Pro

Disconnect Pro is a premium Ad blocker App that also comes with VPN service for Android users. Disconnect Pro is well capable of blocking any sort of advertisement and protecting user privacy data. With the VPN features Disconnect pro let you surf the world wide-wide anonymously by protecting your personal information.

Blocking tracking cookies sites from infiltrating your mobile, work as a shield again trackers and spyware while you are being online. But Disconnect Pro is costlier for an average user who is just looking to block ads and keep your private information safe and secure.

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Adblocker Fast

Adblocker Fast is one of the best Ad blockers for Android apps in android in 2022. Adblock Fast easily works even with older smartphones and for older browsers like up to Samsung Internet 4.0. Adblocker Fast takes 4th place in our list of the 10 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022.

For faster loading of web pages, Adblocker Fast optimizes and helps reduce the consumption of memory on your device. Adblocker fast is completely free and it doesn't need root access on the device to run.

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Ad Detector

Ad Detector is another one of the top ad blocker apps which is famous for protecting private information. TrustGo Ad Detector's main function is to block ads and protect user confidential data on the device. Ad Detector identifies the apps which try to collect user data in the form of ads and block them.

Compared to any other apps TrustGo Ad detector is capable enough to keep confidential information safe from bad actors. So, without a doubt, TrustGo Ad detector is in the top 3 positions in our 10 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2022 list.

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AdGuard is a free ad blocker that protects you from annoying ads and trackers on your device. AdGuard software blocks ads, cookies, scripts, and other tracking tools that follow you around the web.

AdGuard was created in Russia in 2010 by a group of programmers who wanted to create a better way to block advertisements. They developed their own anti-Adblock system that they called AdGuard. Since then, the company has grown into a global leader in ad blocking software.

AdGuard also offers a free browser extension, and DNS IP Address that allows you to block ads, trackers, and malware on your device. It also provides privacy protection by allowing you to filter out third-party cookies and trackers.

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the popular Ad blocker Apps for Android which is consistently in the top 10 list. Adblock plus is most effective at removing online ads on your device compared to any other ad blocker app available on the market.

Adblock Plus also offers a free extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari and an App for its Android and iOS users. Additionally, Adblock plus makes sure to not only block the ads but also block the tracking websites and domains that are known for spreading malware and viruses.

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