Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically Using These 9 Easy Strategies

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Tarin Bushra Zaman

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Want to share a skill or idea?

Want to be respected by people and have influence?

Want to create a brand with a distinctive voice?

Want to be recognized by major businesses and make a fortune?

If the answer is yes, Instagram may be your preferred platform. But you might be thinking, "How will I do that?"

The short answer is that you need a lot of followers. Instagram solely believes in one thing: the more followers you have, the more prospects for professional development you will have. You cannot expect 300 or 500 followers on your account to assist you in working with sponsors and earning money. Furthermore, companies only pay attention to and collaborate with accounts that have 2000 or more followers and have a higher level of engagement and connection with their audience.

To be honest, it's rather frustrating when you try hard to grow your audience yet fail and remain stuck at the same number month after month. Sure, it's easier to acquire followers than it is to build organic audiences. Paid followers, on the contrary, will not engage with your content as much as organic viewers. Therefore, Instagram will not promote accounts that have less interaction and engagement with their followers as much.

Lastly, no matter how many followers you have, it means nothing if they don't buy from your company or a brand you suggested, visit your swipe-up page, or promote you or your brand to their friends and family. In short, you must cultivate an organic following of people who will consistently support and connect with you or your company.

Confused about how you intend to proceed?

Don't worry, since we are here to rescue you. We've put up a list of 12 easy-to-implement strategies to help you develop Instagram’s followers organically.

In Bio, Hone Your Personality

If you want to stand out from other Instagram influencers, make your bio as distinctive as possible. When someone visits your account, they will first notice your bio. If people follow you, they will learn about you or your brand and how your service will benefit them. Reading the bio will reveal all of this. If your bio is unclear or deceptive, it will take them 2 seconds to unfollow your account and never return. So, our advice is to create a bio that shows your personality. Hone your knowledge about yourself or your brand's offering, but don't make up bogus assertions. Last but not least, do not compose an essay; instead, make it sweet and short.

Make the User Name Searchable

Another crucial element for increasing followers is the user name. People will quickly forget you if your user name is venessa0045653 or biker association group567, and if they wish to return, they will most likely record your user name in their journal! That's why strive to make it as search-friendly as possible. Kaushal Beauty, our favorite YouTuber, has the Instagram account "Kaushal." See how it's short and sweet, with no extra spaces, commas, or semicolons, and is search-friendly. Your Instagram user name should be something like this so that people may return anytime they want without having to remember your name.

Choose the Best Time to Post

It's crucial to identify the best time to upload your content once you've created a superb bio and a search-friendly user name. If you want to utilize your Instagram account for work or company, you must post at the appropriate time. You cannot upload normal or sponsored photographs or videos at an inconvenient time. It will result in fewer views and interactions and eventually harm your career. However, there are a few techniques to determine whether your followers are online or not.

Instagram Insight is an amazing tool for learning about your followers' online presence. From your business page, click the "Insights" button. Scroll down to "Your Audience," then select "See All." Now, scroll down to see when your followers are the most active.

Experimenting is another excellent technique to find the time to post. This entails uploading your content at various times. Assume you post one item at 2 p.m., and another at night. Compare the outcomes. If you discover the greatest engagement at night, your followers are probably most active at night as well. Remember that experiments are free. Therefore, explore as much as possible till you discover the solution.

Post High-Quality Content Daily

The fourth approach to swiftly increasing your following is to post on a regular basis. The more you publish, the faster the Instagram algorithm will display your material in the feeds of your targeted followers. However, you must post high-quality videos or photographs. If you publish frequently but with poor quality, you will lose followers. Not to mention that new followers will not return to your page. That's why you should focus on creating high-quality content that your target audience can relate to.

Explore the Diverse Content Types

Not sure what kind of content to publish?

Well, it's time to start exploring the several content areas available on the internet. If you enjoy the beauty and lifestyle-related topics, start creating content for your followers who share your interests. Similarly, you may produce funny videos to brighten someone's day or teach them new technology to guide your audience.

Earlier, Instagram was solely renowned for its beautiful images. But, in a decade, this software has evolved dramatically. It has devised many methods for disseminating your work. You may now publish 1-minute videos. Instagram just announced IGTV, or Instagram TV, which allows you to publish longer videos to engage your followers.

Instagram's algorithm closely monitors its users' interests and displays related videos and photographs in their feed. For example, if someone enjoys viewing entertaining videos or memes and always leaves a heart reply after watching, Instagram will display various sorts of amusing videos on his/her page.

Moreover, while testing, pick a niche. Alternatively, you may upload a variety of stuff to boost your popularity. Simply put, offer your fans a reason to keep following you.

Establish a Connection with Your Followers

Another strategy to attract additional followers is to maintain a positive relationship with your current followers. If you prioritize your followers, you will be recognized as a modest influencer who will attract others suggested by your followers.

Some strategies for being a "modest influencer" include:

Do live for your fans, try to answer each comment, treat nasty comments with caution, do giveaways, encourage positive attitudes, and spread awareness of any potentially harmful situation.

Use Hashtags

Instagram relies heavily on hashtags. Correct hashtags help your image appear in the feed of your target audience.

Don't know which hashtags to use to get new followers?

Display Purpose is an excellent tool for locating relevant hashtags for your article. Enter a few words about your image, and it will display the best hashtags for your image. Also, it is perfectly OK to utilize the hashtags used by other influencers.

Instagram allows just 30 hashtags per post. So pick your hashtags wisely. But don't use hashtags like:

# follow

# pleasefollowme

# follow4follow.

# follow4more

Put Your Instagram Link on Every Social Platform

Let everyone know you have an Instagram account!

It is one of the most common methods of increasing organic audience size. If you have a Facebook or LinkedIn account, you may include an ig link in your bio. And if you have a YouTube account, that will be the icing on the cake. Include your Instagram link in the caption and inform your subscribers that they should follow you on Instagram to discover more about you. This is the simplest method for gaining genuine followers.

Spread Positivism

Another approach to gaining the audience's appreciation is to promote positivism. There is so much going on in the world that we don't need any negativity around us. 90% of us use our Instagram profiles to boost our moods.

Spread love and have a pleasant aura if you want to create an account where people feel joyful and eager to engage with you. It not only helps you develop a solid relationship with your audience, but it also makes you happy both internally and externally.

In conclusion, enough of this blabbering, and let's be honest: it takes a lot of time and effort to gain your audience's trust. The best ways are to be yourself rather than imitate the styles of others. To obtain organic and devoted followers, be committed to your audience and work hard to produce excellent content.