How to Be Productive: 9 Realistic Strategies

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Tarin Bushra Zaman

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We used to assume that productivity meant completing a large number of activities on a particular day. And, didn't we frequently tire ourselves by rushing to fulfill every task without strategic management? However, productivity does not imply what we previously believed. Productivity involves finishing your work or chores without being exhausted at the end of the day.

We don't think you need any more convincing regarding the importance of becoming a productive person in your regular activities. Being productive throughout the day allows you to complete your daily responsibilities on time. But, most of the time, we prefer to surf through social media rather than accomplish what has to be done, don't we?

You might be thinking, "How can I be productive?"

The reality is that no one can shape you into a productive human. It should stem from the inside. It means that only "you" have the ability to motivate yourself to be productive throughout the day.

And if you need more direction, here are 9 simple and useful steps you can take to become more efficient in your daily tasks.

Make a List of Your Upcoming Plans at Night

Making a morning to-do list ahead of time is a terrific way to start being more productive. Whether you are a student or an employee, a housewife or a company owner, you should begin jotting down chores or projects that require your whole attention in a notebook. Place it somewhere visible, such as on the refrigerator door or on the desk. You may do the same on your smartphone using relevant apps. This way, you'll know which duties must be completed first and which may wait until later in the day. Therefore, begin journaling your next day's plans the night before to create a good morning habit and stay productive throughout the day.

Before Start Your Day, Have a Nutritious Breakfast

When we are short on time, we frequently skip breakfast. And we shouldn't if our goal is to stay productive. A nutritious breakfast not only keeps you fit but also provides you with the energy to get more done during the day. Breakfast foods such as eggs, oatmeal, bananas, berries, chia seeds, flex seeds, and so on are ideal. Additionally, experts advise avoiding drinking coffee or tea on an empty stomach.

Regularly Meditate or Exercise

We all know that daily morning exercise and meditation are not everyone's favorite activities. However, doing it before you begin your hectic day offers several advantages. First, it will make you feel upbeat and ready to face work stress. The second and most obvious benefit is that you will lose weight and gain energy to stay focused throughout the day. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will feel driven to complete all of your tasks, since we all know that a motivated person always likes to pursue a productive lifestyle.

Begin Your Workday in Peace and Quiet

To focus correctly, begin your study session or workday in a peaceful location. In comparison to a noisy atmosphere, it is stated that a tranquil environment can maintain attention longer to complete a task. When you are able to accomplish a task without interruption, you will immediately feel encouraged to complete additional activities rather than postpone them.

However, ensuring calm conditions for work is generally unrealistic for an employee due to outside noise and the discussion of your coworkers. Our recommendation is to begin your work 1 or 2 hours before your work shift so that no one bothers you and you can simply complete the tasks.

Start Your Work with the Most Challenging Task

After finishing your morning ritual, it's time to get started on your hectic work schedule. Most productive people begin their job with the most difficult assignment or any activity that they know will take a long time to finish. It's because individuals are at their peak of energy before lunch, and as time passes, they get weary and exhausted. That's why it's best to start the day with the most difficult work as your top priority and save the less difficult chores for later. As a result, you may spend the majority of your energy accomplishing that specific assignment without becoming exhausted before the day is done.

Concentrate on a Single Task Rather than Several

Working productively will be difficult for you if you are frequently switching from one activity to another. Since it is impossible to execute an assignment efficiently while you are multitasking, at the end of the day, none of your work will be completed correctly and you will be disappointed. That is why you should always focus on one task at a time to get the best results.

Take Short Breaks

When you have a lot of duties, thinking about breaks feels like a luxury! However, taking a brief break during work hours might be beneficial, especially if you have a lot of chores to complete before the deadline. It energizes your brain and prepares you to face the following duties. So, whenever you're feeling exhausted from too much work, take a brief break with coffee to refuel your batteries.

Set a Timer for Each Task

It's another useful method for staying productive at work or when studying for a test. To do each assignment properly, set a timer for 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 and a half hours (depending on the work). Setting a timer will teach you how to be focused in your life and how to execute a project within the time period. Also, when planning your chores, remember to include breaks in between tasks to keep your head and mind fresh.

Make a List of Distractions to Avoid

The most significant barrier to completing an essential assignment is paying too much attention to what your friends or colleagues post on social media or skimming through news feeds for no reason. Logging onto social networking sites while working is regarded as one of the leading causes of people losing attention and failing to perform tasks properly. To complete a project on time and avoid being sidetracked by social media, start writing down the list of things that cause you to lose focus and place it on the top of your desk. It will serve as a reminder to work efficiently and avoid being sidetracked by outside forces. To stay in touch with friends and relatives, check Facebook or Instagram during the break period.

To summarize, staying productive throughout the day is a difficult but achievable goal. Every day, the drive to accomplish better should emerge from inside. A healthy and balanced lifestyle, a positive attitude toward life, and striving to do your best in everything can also make you a more productive and motivated person in your daily life.