5 Best Puppy Training Treats 2022

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Puppies and dogs alike are fond of treats, especially those given after training. This can be helpful in carefully training a dog, especially a stubborn one. Essentially, this acts as a reinforcement for the dog, a positive one to be precise.

Treats do need to be carefully combined with dog food, otherwise, too much of treats will certainly mean negative side effects for any puppy or dog such as massive weight gain.

This article will be dealing with some of the 5 best puppy training treats. Most of these treats are made with meat, fruits, and veggies to help your dog grow and develop.

5 Best Puppy Training Treats

Some of the treats included in this list may require the dog owner to try and read the labels carefully to ensure that their pups get an adequate amount of nutrients without any sort of mishap happening.


Wellness Core Pure Rewards Jerky Bites

Made in the US, Jerky is a favorite food of many dogs, it is no wonder then that using one as a treat can be beneficial for a dog! While they may not be made for puppies in the strictest sense possible.

The soft textures are just enough to ensure that the puppy’s gums aren’t hurt in the chewing process and the overall consumption remains great for the puppy!

One of the best puppy training treats on the list, one should get this if they are looking to give their dog the age-old classic that is jerky.

Some positives about this product:

  • Grain-free and made with no added preservatives.
  • Contains around 84 treats
  • 5 calories per individual means that the calorie amount is relatively low
  • Soft and easy on the teeth.
  • Can be broken into smaller pieces during training sessions for easier consumption.

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Blue buffalo Blue Bits Savory Salmon Training Dog Treats

Made with fish proteins, the Blue Buffalo Blue Bits training dog treats are some of the best puppy training treats if you are looking to give your puppy omega-3 fatty acid benefits and make their coats shine along with having better eyesight!

These are made with real Salmon and contain DHA, which ensures brain development and overall positive benefits for the puppy or dog alike.

Some positives about this product:

  • Contains Omega 3-fatty acids for development of a puppy’s body and eye health.
  • No added artificial preservatives or other unnecessary ingredients
  • Fish proteins along with DHA ensures healthy growth of a puppy.

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Zuke’s Mini Naturals Peanut Butter and Oats Training Treats

If you are more inclined toward a product that is less in ingredients related to meat products and towards more general components. This dog recipe is more or less one of the best puppy training treats. These treats are generally healthy and free of soy, wheat, or corn.

Some positives about this product:

  • Made with natural and healthy components.
  • Calories are good enough to not be too much for the puppy.

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Kong Stuff’n Easy Treat Puppy Recipe

Made to be a Kong filler, this treat might just be one of the best puppy training treats due to how uniquely made this is. The nozzle design helps in controlling how much of the treat is squirted out at a time. You can also use this for various training purposes such as sniffing and alike.

Some positives about this product:

  • The texture is smooth and has a high value in nutrition.
  • Made with Chicken liver ingredients.
  • Great for training dogs due to the squirting feature.

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Stewart Freeze-Dried Liver Dog Treats

Considered to be a common training treat for dogs, the freeze-dried liver treats are a must for your dog and puppy training. If your puppy is not willing to go the extra mile of exercising, this might just be the encouragement that they would need!

Truly something that a dog owner should get as this is one of the best puppy training treats. It has a good amount of calories to give the much-needed weight boost to your otherwise weak puppy also. To know more about this product.

Some positives about this product:

  • Easy to break into small pieces.
  • Gluten-free with no extra ingredients.
  • Perfect for giving an energy boost to your dog or puppy.

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