10 Best Board Games for 5 Year Olds 2022

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It is often a fact that kids of 5 years of age generally need some positive reinforcement to keep them on their toes, this can often result in the parents being drained of their time and energy to do other activities that may warrant their attention, such as those related to business.

Board games are one of the ways to keep your otherwise noisy children quiet and focused on their quest, which is of trying to ensure that they complete their goals. This article will be dealing with some of the best board games for 5 year olds which may just improve their coordination skills.



Monza is a racing-themed board game designed for racing enthusiasts. This game can help one with improving their comprehension as well as tactical skills.  This game is also great for enhancing color recognition capacity and overall quick thinking.

Therefore, this game can be one of the best games for 5 year olds and even older ones as this game involves the usage of a lot of mindpower. You may find out more about this board game on Amazon.

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Animal Upon Animal

One of the best board games for 5 year olds, this board game is one of the most famous classics played by children, this game involves stacking animals on top of each other in an accurate and precise way. A simple yet exquisite game for a variety of ages, Animal Upon Animal is a game that will test precision skills along with balancing of a person as to how they can balance animals by themselves.

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Monster Chase

Monster chase is another game that can be one of the best board games for 5 year olds, this game has the “odd-ball” monster theme which can appeal to children of both 5 years of age or even 8.  This board game can be highly engaging for kids and generally relies on memory for completion.

In simple terms, your kids will generally want to work together in this game simply for the reason of trying to cooperate against “scary” monsters, therefore this game helps in improving cooperation skills immensely.

This game as of now is not available on Amazon, therefore you will have to search your retail stores for getting a copy of this game as it has become relatively rare in online stores. While this might be one of the best board games for 5 year olds, it can be hard to find.

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Mastermind for Kids

Mastermind is a great game for improving reasoning and logical skills, 5 years olds especially can benefit from this game as it includes code-breaking. The process of code-breaking in this game is done through animal figurines instead of colors.

One of the best board games for 5 year olds, This game generally involves taking in the information you are given and carefully applying it to make logical deductions, therefore you may just notice your child being able to make a mind-boggling leap in reasoning skills and become better at logical reasoning. You may know more about this product by clicking on the check it out button below.

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Junior Labyrinth

Labyrinth truly does live up to its name, being a board game about collecting treasures in a maze before your opponents can do so. However, the maze has a certain nitpick, you will encounter maze shifts on every turn you make, sliding a card into the maze results in an entire row of the square being pushed over.

This can be a great way to improve spatial reasoning and tactical strategizing as the game involves high levels of skills to complete, the junior variant of the game. However, makes the game slightly simpler and gives out ways to complete the game.

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Unicorn Glitterluck: Cloud Stacking

While it is a colorful board game, Unicorn Glitterluck no doubt can be one of the best board games for 5 year olds or other ages, the game’s mascot, Rosalie, never fails to impress children! This game is very similar to Animal Upon Animal as it involves stacking objects on top of each other, but instead of unicorns, it's clouds that you have to stack up.

One of the best board games for 5 year olds This game can involve the improvement of cooperative skills as the game is mainly made for one or more children.  To find out more about this game, you may check it out belwo.

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Cauldron Quest

A perfect game to play for those who are looking for a nostalgia trip, Cauldron Quest is a magical-themed game whose story is that of an evil wizard making attempts to destroy a kingdom. As a result, the children will have to make certain strategical choices to make potions to stop the evil magician and break off his spell.

One of the best board games for 5 year olds, this game promotes positive effects such as emotional development, creativity, and other sorts of reasoning skills. To know more, you may look on Amazon by clicking on the below check it out button.

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Gamewright Outfoxed

Created by the same design team that worked on Cauldron Quest, Outfoxed! Is one of the best board games for 5 year olds due to how the game works. Following the formula of a classical whodunit genre, your job in the game is to catch the foxy pie thief before they escape.

To catch the dastardly thief, you will have to collect clues listed out on the board and make deductions on what the thief will do next.  While this might seem to be a bit hard at the beginning for a 5-year-old, they will eventually start developing their detective capabilities and start making their logical reasoning!

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My First Stone Age

While the species of the extinct mammoths may have gotten some exposition through the famous Ice Age movies, seeing a mammoth on the cover art of My First Stone Age can be nostalgia invoking for many people.

This game can be rather hard to get by yourself as the stocks are often scant, the game itself, however, revolves around the management of resources along with memorization.

The goal of the board game is to make 3 huts for your village, although they all come at varying prices, resulting in the player being forced to use resources carefully by collecting objects such as fishes, tusks, or pottery.

If you are looking to teach your child a little bit about the micromanagement of resources and how the economy is handled, then My First Stone Age is one of the best board games for 5 year olds.

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Enchanted Forest

The very first one, Enchanted Forest was designed and published in 1981, this board game is mainly known for its challenging memory mechanics and its theme, which is that of the fairy tale ala Disney.

Essentially, your job is to deliver specific treasures to the king of the board game, however, you will have to find the said treasures through a variety of challenges.

This includes locating them under the tree scattered in the forest. The treatures by themselves are related to famous fairy tale stories such as Little Red Riding Hood’s red hood itself.

A child will have to remember where the treasures are hidden by memorizing the location. Therefore, it can be a highly competitive game for a group of children if they are playing it. This can be one of the best board games for 5 year olds if you are looking to improve the memory of your child.

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