The 5 Best Makeup Brush Holder from Amazon You Need to Buy Today

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I felt so much comfort when I switched my beauty brush collection from a worn-out cosmetic bag to a brush holder! Don't get me wrong: makeup bags are great for keeping all of your brushes in one place and are also perfect for traveling. But after watching the makeup vanities of beauty influencers and how they arrange their brush collection, I was persuaded to buy one, and I am glad to say that I am pleased with my purchase.

You might be thinking, "If the cosmetic bag is good, why should I get a makeup brush holder?"

Here's why:

When you store all of your cosmetics and brushes in a cosmetic bag, you won't be able to find the right one when you need it. At least, I couldn't identify the correct one without messing with the other things! Three months ago, I would spend hours in my disorganized makeup bag looking for the proper eyeshadow brush. It was irritating and a complete waste of time and energy. But let me tell you, when I found the beauty brush holder on Amazon at a reasonable price, my life was completely changed.

Another advantage of replacing your cosmetic bag with a beauty brush holder is that it helps organize your brush collection while also looking quite fancy on your makeup vanity.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best makeup brush holder you can find on Amazon.

iDesign The Sarah Tanno Collection Cosmetic Organizer and Brush Holder

The first makeup brush holder that earned five stars on Amazon is the iDesign The Sarah Tanno Collection Cosmetic Organizer and Brush Holder. It is available in two colors. One is clear, and the other one is smoke gray. And it costs $7.71.

This holder's material is plastic, and it's durable. You will get three compartments where you can easily organize your brush collections, liners, and lipsticks as well.

This container has versatile storage options, and the open top and transparent sides will help your stored items be visible and accessible.

Another plus point is that it's modular and stackable. It means it will assist with stacks and coordinate with the items from this brand. So you can easily assemble all the makeup products.

Its sleek, clear finish adds a stylish touch to your makeup vanity and will last for a long time.

The size of this container is totally ideal storage space for makeup vanities, bathrooms, as well as in cabinets.

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Home Details Vanity Organizer

The second one is the Home Details Vanity Organizer. You will find three colors to choose from, and the price range varies from one color to another. Rose Gold will cost you $14.26, Matte Black is $15.69, and the last one, Stain Gold, is $14.99.

This container has 60% mild steel and the other 40% contains mirror.

It has three compartments where you can store anything easily.

The bottom of this holder is mirrored.

Last but not least, it's good for both makeup brushes and desk pencils & pens.

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PuTwo Makeup Brush Holder

The PuTwo Makeup Brush Holder is quite costly on the Amazon site. If you purchase a large white, it will cost you $29.99, and the white one is $33.99.

The material of this holder is plastic, and it's portable. However, you will get only one compartment at this price range.

This makeup holder claims to be premium quality with 6 mm of thick acrylic.

You will get free pearls along with the brush holder.

And finally, there are two sizes you can choose from. One is large, and the other one is small.

The customers seem to love this product, as it has 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon. So, if you have a budget and you are planning to invest your money in a good makeup brush holder, give it a shot!

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OnDisplay Olivia 2 Drawer Tiered Mirrored Glass Makeup Organizer

The OnDisplay Olivia 2 Drawer Tiered Mirrored Glass Makeup Organizer is a must-have brush holder for makeup enthusiasts. There are two color options. One is Rose Gold, which will cost $25.99, and the other one is Silver, which is only $19.97.

The material is plastic, and the special feature of this one is that it is heavy duty.

This brush holder has two compartments where you can store not only your brushes but also cosmetics and accessories. The good thing is that the drawers are removable, as are the five open portions on top.

Because of the heavy duty MDF and mirror glass panels, you can effortlessly clean this holder. In addition, the velvet inside the inner lining keeps cosmetics and valuables in good condition.

The final advantage of buying this container is its convenience. It holds all your cosmetics and jewelry neatly, so you can easily locate anything without fumbling.

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Clear Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer

Get your hands on the Clear Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer in Pink if you want something bright and fancy for your makeup vanity. Lonkiktik is the maker of this organizer.

The best part about this brush holder is that it can accommodate up to 30 brushes. It's also dustproof, which keeps your brushes clean.

The pink pearl that comes with this brush holder is completely free. Furthermore, it has a sleek and stylish appearance, so you may give it to anyone, whether it is your closest friend, mother, or lover.

This storage box costs only $34.98 and is available in two colors: clear and pink.

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