The 10 Best Makeup Brush Cleaner to Clean Your Dirty Brushes

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If you are lazy like me, then cleaning the makeup brushes seems like a hard task for you! "Eh, I will do that tomorrow," -we often say, don't we? But cleaning the makeup brush is such a crucial task for makeup lovers. Here's why:

Cleaning your brushes is essential for both the health of your skin and the effectiveness of your brushes. We all know that dirty brushes and sponges are a good spot for growing harmful bacteria, and every time we use them on our faces, we just transfer those bacteria onto our skin. Not to mention, dirty brushes won't work as well as fresh, clean brushes.

But it's a task we all want to avoid or leave for the next day or week, right?

Well, I can feel your pain. But don't worry, I got your back. These are some of the best makeup brush cleaners on the market that will squeaky clean all of your dirty brushes in less than 10 minutes.

Want to know about those products? Then keep on reading.

Makeup Brush Cleanser

The number one best makeup brush cleaner has to be Clinique. Professional makeup artists, as well as non-experts, recommend this product to clean filthy brushes.

It comes with a sanitizing spray that is ideal for cleaning brushes gently and quickly.

So, if you are in hurry and don't have time to deep clean the brushes, just simply spritz onto the bristles, then swirl your brush on a tissue or cotton pad, and voila your brush is ready to use.

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Brush Cleansing Balm

Real Techniques has raised the bar for makeup brush cleaning. This company produces the best brush cleaning balm that everyone appreciates.

It's an excellent brush cleaner for thoroughly cleaning your brush set. Wet your brush first, then swirl it right into the pot. This container includes a silicone pad that aids in the removal of any tenacious colors.

If you have the time to thoroughly clean your brushes, give this product a shot!

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Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

Remember how everyone on Instagram raved about a brush cleaner that spins your unclean brush's bristles and makes it appear brand new in a minute? Yes, this is the one, and it works great as the best makeup brush cleanser.

But how exactly?

All you need is warm water to fill the bowl, liquid cleaner, and a brush to keep inside while you wait. Its spin mechanism removes all filth from your brush in less than a minute.

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Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove

The Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove, a Sigma Beauty product, is another best makeup brush cleaner for cleaning brushes.

This item includes a wrist strap. Swirl the brush over the silicon surface after inserting your hand through the strap. You will notice that your unclean brush is becoming cleaner.

This makeup cleaner is extremely handy and a must-have item for anybody who wishes to thoroughly clean their brushes without any hassle.

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Liquid Blendercleanser

Cleaning beauty blenders is as important as cleaning the makeup brush. Most of us can now do our full face of makeup with a beauty blender without touching the brushes. So, we need to make sure to clean the beauty blenders properly.

Beautyblender's Liquid Blendercleanser is specifically designed to clean your beauty blender. However, you can also clean your brushes with this product.

It's a soy-based makeup brush cleaner that swiftly breaks down residue and bacteria, leaving your tools clean and ready for your next makeup session.

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Organic Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap

Another best makeup brush cleanser is Organic Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap, which provides natural antibacterial tea tree oil and cleans makeup brushes softly and fast. Professional makeup artists endorse this Dr. Bronner's product. And the best thing is that, in addition to cleaning brushes, you can use this solution on your body, face, and hair.

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Conditioning Brush Cleanser

If you want to deep clean your brushes, Bobbi Brown's Conditioning Brush Cleanser is the best makeup brush cleaner you need to try. All you have to do is moisten your makeup brushes first. Then, while the makeup brushes are still moist, massage the conditioning cleanser into them. But, when rinsing your brushes, keep the bristles pointing down. And now enjoy doing your makeup on dirt-free brushes.

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On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

If you are someone who is always doing their makeup, even if they just go grocery shopping (!), you need this cleansing spray in your life. Nyx's On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray instantly cleans and dries your brushes. Just spritz some spray on the bristles of the brushes, swirl them into tissue paper. And there you have it: brand-new makeup brushes for your everyday makeup.

Though this type of brush cleaner is very convenient for our busy lives, it doesn't clean the brushes deeply. Try to deep clean your makeup brushes once or twice a week if you don't want pimples on your face!

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Dry Brush-Cleaning Sponge

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna recently launched a product, Dry Brush-Cleaning Sponge, in a compact size, which can definitely change your makeup game. The compact contains a textured sponge that gets rid of powder particles from your dry brush. Now, with this product, you can use the same brush for bronzer and blush without destroying the full face of makeup.

highly recommended!

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Brush Cleanser

Mac, an OG makeup brand, provides the best makeup brush cleaner that is suitable for both quick and deep cleaning. The brush cleanser has a water-like consistency, and a small bit will clean and revitalize your brushes.

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