5 Best Anime Characters of Spring 2022

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This spring, while it might have been a bit of an unpleasant affair for many people in different countries when regarding the heat, certainly hasn’t been bad for anime enthusiasts. On the contrary, this spring has been home to some of the best long-awaited animes and intricate plots.

However, wouldn’t one wonder as to which anime character takes the cake for being some of the most engaging characters in the animes of spring? Keep reading below this list of the 5 best anime characters of spring 2022 to know all about the anime and the characters they have been shown in!

5 Best Anime Characters of Spring 2022

The spring season might have been relatively short, but it has brought out many engaging animes and characters that are either wholesome or outright challenging.

These 5 best anime characters of spring 2022 are generally defined so due to their characteristics and the way they are portrayed on screen in their respective animes. Therefore, while they may have their respective positions, they won’t remain the same for the next year perhaps.

Regardless, it is without a doubt that the 5 best anime characters of spring 2022 below rightly deserve this title:


Shikimori-San - Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie

Of course, who else can ignore the very namesake of the anime “Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie” from being included in the 5 best anime characters of spring 2022 list? Shikimori-San may look delicate and cute, but that is only an exterior, for she can become outright serious and use intimidating once someone or something threatens her beloved Izumi-Kun, who happens to have the world’s worst luck.

Shikimori-San, with her agility and intelligence, works to constantly save her boyfriend from the dangers he encounters every day in his life. The contrast between the two is what makes these couples highly engaging yet comical.


Arc – Skeleton Knight In Another World

Originally a hard-core gamer, the protagonist one day falls asleep on his gaming spree and wakes up to find himself in another world with the avatar of a skeleton. Taking up the title of “Arc”, the protagonist sets on to discover more about this new world he has been sent to.

Arc as a character is generally far more practical than one may give him credit for, a straightforward yet slightly lecherous individual, Arc is quite possibly a person of realistic proportions despite his looks. Therefore, he can certainly be on the list of the 5 best anime characters of spring 2022.


Leon Demonheart – I’m Quitting Heroing

Created to fight demons yet feared for his immense power, Leon Demonheart, despite his objective, has a complex personality. This mainly comes due to him being conflicted about his programming as a demon hunter yet being hated by the humans for his power. Thus, this brings him to join the Demon army as a way to try and change his nature.

Leon Demonheart on this list of the 5 best anime characters of spring 2022 might be a bit hard to understand for many people due to his normally cold disposition.


Loid Forger aka Twilight – Spy X Family

A family man by day and a spy by night (or whenever he gets the calling) Twilight has a lot to take in, from trying to make sure that his “family” remains intact and strong, and to make sure to complete his mission (Operation Strix) at all costs.

While not expressive, Twilight has his moments of shine as an emotionally complex character where he may show his emotions in the way only he can. The one thing he yearns for is to make a world that is not ridden by war and sorrow. He rightfully can claim this position as one of the 5 best anime characters of spring 2022.


Shinpei Ajiro – Summer Time Rendering

He may seem like your average high school student at first, but Shinpei Ajiro, returning to his hometown and discovering strange supernatural occurrences. Finds out that life is not all as it seems in this world, including his ability to go back in time after dying.

This is why Shinpei Ajiro is on the list of the 5 best anime characters of spring 2022, for he determinately uses his newfound powers to try and selflessly overcome the horrors that are going on in his hometown and try to save those who are closest to him.


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