Best Demon Slayer Characters to Watch in 2022

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Demon Slayer, since its inception, has been popular throughout the entirety of Japan and even overseas. The anime adaptation by Ufotable may perhaps be a contributing factor, but it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of the characters featured in this series have distinctly different origins that enhance their overall characterization.

The struggles of the characters against the evil demonic entities truly make up for a heart-rending experience, let us take a look at those characters in the list of Best Demon Slayer Characters to watch in 2022. Be sure to watch the anime if you are looking for some of that demon-hunting action!

Best Demon Slayer Characters to Watch in 2022

While it may not seem like it, people may not like certain characters due to their preposterous

behavior, or their villain. This list will be dealing with such characters in Demon Slayer:


Inosuke Hashibira

The boar masked champion of the Demon Slayer series is something else to look at entirely. Inosuke in his first appearance more or less seemed like a savage, but his continuous progression while retaining his fighter characteristics makes him one of the more lighthearted and likable characters of the series.

Not to mention the fact that he can’t seem to ever pronounce a certain character’s name correctly, which makes for a variety of comical situations in the anime and makes him one of the best Demon Slayer Characters to watch in 2022.


Nezuko Kamado

The silent and adorable sister of Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko as a demon is the sole motivator of Tanjiro to keep moving forward to find a cure for her state (which has been brought upon her thanks to the main antagonist of the series).

Nezuko, while she is a demon, perfectly manages to refrain from the bloodthirsty side of herself and is useful in a variety of battles against other demons.

Not only that, but she can also change her size to appear chibi in comparison to her normal size, along with the general strength enhancements that come from being a demon.

Nezuko is more or less one of the best Demon Slayer characters to watch in 2022 due to how helpful she is and the cute sides to her character.


Tengen Uzui

Making an appearance in season 2 of Demon Slayer, Tengen Uzui may seem like an irritating character at first, being flamboyant and appearing to be casual.

But throughout the season, a deeper part of the character is slowly fleshed out as we are introduced to a person who might joke and even act airheaded at times but is a strong and overall down-to-earth personality.

A perfect demon slayer to be precise, Tengen Uzui is certainly one of the best Demon Slayer characters to watch in 2022 if you have just started watching Demon Slayer season 2.



An Upper Moon Rank 3 of the Upper Moons created by Muzan, Akaza may not have had too much exposition in Demon Slayer season 2, but he nevertheless makes his marks and is probably one of the highlights of the season so far. Akaza might be a demon, but he is arguably one of the more honorable ones.

Unlike other demons, Akaza displays the rather unheard behavior of actually respecting strong opponents rather than fearing them and is a battle freak, in essence, this makes him one of the best Demon Slayer characters to watch in 2022 due to how savage yet honorable he is in battle.


Zenitsu Agatsuma

A character that borders on pure comedy and can act somewhat annoying (especially in front of a certain character), he is still a capable demon hunter. The only twist that comes with this statement is the fact that he can’t use his demon hunter skills while awake.

However, he can utilize a single yet ridiculously powerful technique while sleeping which is related to the thunder breathing technique. This is something that makes Zenitsu a unique character to see, despite being an absolute coward, he can also be one of the finest swordsmen and therefore one of the best Demon Slayer characters to watch in 2022.


Tanziro Kamado

Of course, the main character of the series and with quite the qualifications to be so, Tanjiro Kamado, with his main goal being to save Nezuko from her fate of being a demon while fighting against the demons that destroyed his life. Tanjiro is the perfect combination of being hotheaded but focused, learning various breathing techniques, and using them (albeit recklessly) to win a fight.

Tanjiro may have a strong forehead to compete against the strongest, but his very heart is made of an unbreakable material that just refuses to waver under absolute hopelessness, making him one of the best Demon Slayer characters to watch in 2022 just for that very reason and reserving the very first spot on that matter!


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