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Heavy spoiler warning if you are new to this series as there are many in this article. While the Seven Deadly Sins anime has faced a lot of criticism for its animation in later seasons (post-season 2), the series itself has remained fairly popular among the fanbase, particularly for the way the characters have been given depth.

From starting as a story of fighting against the brutal knights of the holy crusade to demonic entities, the show has become a cult classic more or less.

If you are wondering about your favorite character in the series, then you might just have a look at some of the top Seven Deadly Sins characters that is just too engaging to ignore.

Top Seven Deadly Sins Characters

As Seven Deadly Sins has world-building elements, one will of course come across characters of different varieties and personalities. Many may seem selfish as they are often looking to fulfill their own goals, However, some will turn out to be different as they are simply looking to do something selfless:


Merlin - Seven Deadly Sins Character

The Sin of gluttony, Merlin, is quite possibly one of the most mysterious characters on this show whose motivations are never truly known. Almost bordering on using characters for her advantage, calculating and cunning, Merlin has a plethora of magical abilities which she can use for her advantage.

Merlin might be on the team of Seven Deadly Sins with her fellow being Escanor, but it still does not fully show as to whose alignment she truly is in. Therefore, this very reason ensures that Merlin comes up to be on the spot as the top Seven Deadly Sins characters, simply due to her conflicting interests and the untold depth she brings to the story.


Estarossa - Seven Deadly Sins Character

Originally a member of the 10 commandments and a strong one too, Estarossa eventually would regain his memories to be revealed as Mael, one of the archangels who has had their memories wiped out and was made to assume the role of the Demon King’s son.

Estarossa as a character has some of the strongest characterization seen in the show, from being a prideful man to being mentally fractured, more so than any character in this series. This character deserves to be on the list of the top Seven Deadly Sins characters.


Ban - Seven Deadly Sins Character

Glib and sharp-tongued, Ban as the sin of Greed has one of the niftiest abilities up his sleeves; the ability to never die. But that is not to say Ban hasn’t had his share of troubles, while Ban at the beginning may seem like an average ruffian, he slowly develops to become a character who is honorable and one of the most loyal members of Meliodas’ Seven Deadly Sins.

Ban deserves to be one of the top Seven Deadly Sins characters due to how he has been essential in many plot points of the series including protecting Meliodas. On top of that, he and his captain have one stark similarity; both are always at death’s door for the ones they are trying to save.


Arthur Pendragon - Seven Deadly Sins Character

The king of Camelot and slightly inspired by King Arthur, Arthur Pendragon has had a slow growth throughout the series, from being indecisive to coming to terms with his position and taking on calamities that would otherwise be horrifying or absurd to take on for other people.

Arthur Pendragon serves as the perfect counterfoil to the otherwise battle-hardened and ruthless characters of the series, however, also becomes mature throughout the series. The accelerated growth he has in terms of personality and power in the series makes him an ideal candidate to be one of the top Seven Deadly Sins characters.


Meliodas - Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Of course, who can ignore Meliodas? The leader of Seven Deadly Sins and appropriately the sin of wrath. He may remain cool most of the time, but once someone threatens Elizabeth, they should be ready to experience a world of horror where “horror” might be an understatement.

Meliodas continuously struggles to get himself and Elizabeth free from a certain curse that keeps both of them in a horrible loop. This is something that makes Meliodas a whole more endearing for the readers or watchers of the series, continuously moving forward till his final goal is accomplished.


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