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Ban as a character has always fascinated those who have read or watched Seven Deadly Sins. Thanks to his out-of-the-world ability that puts him at a slight advantage over his enemies, this does can leave a mark on his mental state at times and certainly doesn’t give him a power advantage.

This article will be dealing with 5 facts about Seven Deadly Sins Ban that might be interesting enough for you. Shining a light on some of his lesser-known facts and overall giving a slight depth to Ban as a character.

5 Facts About Seven Deadly Sins Ban

Some of these facts listed here may leave you, as a fan, somewhat shocked and fumbling as to how these facts might have been glossed over or simply might not be important enough at the time to look over:


Ban might be immortal, but his soul isn’t.

Some of the 5 facts about Seven Deadly Sins Ban can include his immortality. Contrary to the popular belief that Ban being an immortal should result in him being impervious to all sorts of harm, it is not true.

His soul is still mortal enough and can be devoured by a demonic being, specifically the members of the Ten Commandments can permanently kill off Ban by consuming the very essence of his soul.


Ban had a sister

One of the top 5 facts about Seven Deadly Sins Ban, this detail may have almost been skipped over by most of the manga readers and anime watchers, but Ban once had a sister called “Killia” who used to follow him around wherever he went. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 4 due to starvation, probably causing a good amount of mental trauma to Ban as a result.


Ban has a rivalry with Meliodas

Slightly comical and endearing, despite Meliodas being the captain of Seven Deadly Sins, Ban doesn’t hold back in terms of having a rivalry (albeit a “friendly” one) with Meliodas. Almost every time they meet after a period, it results in some sort of boundless destruction as both either have a proper fight or an arm-wrestling competition.

One of the 5 facts about Seven Deadly Sins Ban. It doesn’t help the fact that they cause their surroundings to be destroyed, even if they are not genuinely trying to do such.


Ban can feel pain

The way Ban shrugs off fatal attacks inflicted on him by his enemies or his Allies may make it seem like he can’t feel pain, but that can’t be any farther from the truth. For Ban can indeed feel pain from any strikes he received or from hunger itself.

The very fact that he willingly got himself captured by The Weird Fangs and held in Baste Dungeon alongside going through executions and total starvation and only started moving after hearing about Meliodas is something that speaks volumes about Ban’s pain tolerance.

Therefore, this can truly be one of the spine-chilling 5 facts about Seven Deadly Sins Ban.


Ban got a power boost from his stay at Purgatory

One of the best 5 facts about Seven Deadly Sins Ban. Unlike other characters in this series who generally rely on some sort of transformation and other ability-boosting techniques to become strong, Ban himself went to the depths of Purgatory to retrieve his captain, something that would have been mentally breaking for many.

The eventual result of constantly fighting for his life every moment for outright centuries and the overall insanity of the place made Ban ridiculously strong.

He became strong enough to take on even the Demon King itself, something that was impossible to do for the other Seven Deadly Sins members.


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