Top 10 Strongest God of War Characters

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When you think about God of War, you immediately remember all the various ways Kratos has taken the lives of his victims, many of them were Greek gods. Kratos will win since he is a major character, but it does not mean the gods he battled were in any way weak.

In this post, we will list down some of the most powerful and dominant characters of the God of War. Each of them has specific powers and skill sets that they use throughout the game.


Helios (God of Sun)

Helios was a titan and the top dog. It was therefore especially offensive that such a potent existence was connected to the light of the guy determined to tear down Olympus.

Even in his frailty, Helios had pyrokinesis, which he used to momentarily blind Kratos when he caught him off unprepared.



Hercules was the most powerful of Zeus' champion offspring, except from Kratos. Even at the cutscene's conclusion for God of War II, Hercules appeared to have already attained Demi-God level and had finished his 12th labor. This Hercules performance was huge.

Few warriors had the power Hercules possessed to manipulate monsters into doing his will.


Gaia (Mother Earth)

Gaia is pivotal to the God of War series. In addition to being the main narrator for many of the games and the person who brings Kratos to Mount Olympus at the start of God of War 3, she is also the great-grandmother of all the Olympic Gods. Zeus was rescued from Cronos when he was an infant by Mother Earth, the Goddess of Life.


Ares (First God of War)

Ares served as the first Olympian God of War. He was in charge of initiating the series' plot by luring Kratos into killing his family and transforming him into the Ghost of Sparta. Prior to being killed by Kratos, Ares, the oldest child of Zeus, was regarded as the most hated god on Mount Olympus.



Cronos was the last and most powerful of the Titans. Together with his wife Rhea, he gave birth to the first Olympian. He participated in the Titanomachy, where his son Zeus defeated him. After the battle, Zeus condemned him to carry Pandora's Temple in shackles on his back for the rest of time. He plays a significant role as the game's antagonist.



Atlas was one of the powerful Titans who once ruled the planet. After their downfall, Atlas would work with the goddess Persephone to end the world, but Kratos would ultimately triumph. Atlas was defeated and restrained, and as he would always occupy the top of the Pillar of the World, he was left with no choice but to carry the world on his shoulders.


Hades (God of Underworld)

Kratos was surrounded by Hades in his portion of the underworld, forcing Poseidon to deliver the ocean to him. Hades put up a stronger battle than Poseidon. Currently, Hades is the eldest and most tortured of the three Olympic brothers (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades).

The souls of the underworld, which were under the exclusive dominion of Hades, would quickly swallow the life of everyone who fell into the River Styx.


Poseidon (Lord of the Seas)

In the first scene of God of War III, the god of the seas gave Kratos the fight of his life while also providing an incredible visual display. Poseidon would nearly defeat Kratos as he fully utilized his aquatic abilities by projecting himself as a huge monster.

To finally defeat Poseidon, Kratos would need to use his tactical skills and Gaia's help.


Zeus (King of Gods)

It took Kratos three full games of destroying every god and demi-god in his path before he was ultimately able to kill Zeus. Zeus was the only god who actually offered Kratos any type of difficulty in defeating him.

He has the ability to change his shape, bestow abilities, teleport, and alter his scale. He was effortlessly able to cast back both Kratos and Gaia with the might of his lightning bolts, which are unmatched in strength. He truly is exceptional in every way.


Kratos (Ghost of Sparta)

Kratos has never lost and will never lose. In fact, his flawless track record plays a significant role in why fans keep asking him to appear in other games with a Greek theme and why he appears as a guest character in so many games. Kratos defeated a number of formidable enemies by himself.

He has killed humans, half-gods, full-gods, titans, and every other kind of creature without ever suffering a deadly blow.


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