The 10 Best Armor Sets in God of War

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To enhance and broaden Kratos' already impressive skills in Sony's God of War, players must acquire and upgrade several armor sets. However, not all armor is made equal, with some sets having little to no use while others are only beneficial in specific circumstances. On the other side, there are a few armor sets that stand out in any situation.

This list will focus on the best armor sets in God of War.



Although it might not seem like much on paper, the Traveler armor set offers a highly helpful ability. The player can withstand one attack without taking any damage thanks to the perk protection of the Traveler. This is not especially helpful most of the time, but at one particular point in the game, it's priceless.


Sindri's Royal Dwarven Set

Sindri's armor can be raised to level 7 only during a typical playthrough. However, despite its level, players shouldn't be fooled since thanks to its tremendous durability and amazing passive benefits, it can compete with some of the game's most difficult enemies.

For those whose fighting strategy heavily utilizes Kratos' Runic powers, this armor is fantastic.


Brok's Royal Dwarven Set

Only level 7 upgrades are available for Brok's Royal Dwarven set, which gives it a little disadvantage over epic or perfect armor sets. Despite this, it still has its purposes and varies from Sindri's armor in that it has a great selection of natural advantages. Kratos' rage meter fills up 10% faster when wearing each piece of Brok's armor.


Fallen Ash

One of the most attractive sets of armor in the game, the Fallen Ash armor is also a fantastic set to own. The best of both worlds is provided by this armor, which has 100 Defense and a 24 stat boost to Strength.

The Retaliation of Fire perk on the armor is what really sets it apart.



When the Valkyrie set reaches level 8, it offers nine magical sockets, and significant improvements to Runic, Strength, Defense, and Cooldown. The Gauntlet's Refreshing Light skill, which has a chance to instantly reset all Runic attack cooldowns upon a Runic attack kill, is what really makes the Valkyrie set shine.


Ivaldi’s Cursed Mist

Ivaldi's Cursed Mist can take a lot of time and work, but mastering it can provide players a huge edge. It's one of three sets that may be gained by gathering Mist Echoes in Niflheim's maze; the other two maybe even better, depending on how you use them.


Ivaldi’s Endless Mist

Ivaldi's Endless Mist is the second-best version of the Mist armor set. A full set gives 137 Strength, 250 Defense, and 176 Vitality at level 9, making it absurdly durable. The armor provides the same immensely helpful health restoration as other Mist armor sets, and it works best for simple fighting builds.


Ivaldi’s Deadly Mist

The best armor outside of those that are restricted to New Game Plus mode is likely Ivaldi's Deadly Mist set. Once fully upgraded, it offers 50 vitality, 168 defense, 68 runic, 85 strength, and the well-known Regenerating Essence perk, which continuously heals Kratos.


Armor of Ares

Ares' armor grants up to 137 Strength, 200 Defense, 76 Luck, and 100 Cooldowns for those who desire to be the true God of War. Those statistics should be plenty to persuade players to complete the game's New Game Plus mode in order to get it, but its benefits are where it truly excels.

Rage Field significantly accelerates both the rate at which Rage is gained and the rate at which it is lost.


Armor of Zeus

Many people believe that the armor that previously belonged to Kratos' father is the best in the entire game. This armor is no joke and a more than deserving reward for those who work to earn it, with 145 Strength, Defense, and Runic, as well as a perk that significantly boosts the power of Kratos' standard strikes.


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