5 Facts About Zenitsu Demon Slayer You Didn't Know

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Zenitsu, having trained under the former Thunder Hashira Jigoro, seems to have more or less acquired his teachings.

Notwithstanding the very fact that Zenitsu seems to act as a wimpy person and is thoroughly cowardly in most of his onscreen appearances.

Zenitsu antics have still made him a likable character among the Demon Slayer fanbase along with his hidden talents that shine through when required.

Zenitsu consistent behavior around women may make him seem annoying, especially when it comes to Nezuko, but Zenitsu can have depths to his character. Keep reading below for 5 facts about Zenitsu Demon Slayer you didn't know.


Zenitsu Has His Own Thunder Breathing Form

Despite appearing to be wimpy, Zenitsu more or less is a genius who may perhaps not show it at the beginning. But he becomes capable enough to be able to create his thunder breathing form which is the seventh form: Honoikazuchi Nokam, this essentially allows him to overpower even the likes of Upper Moon Rank Six, Kaigaku.

This therefore as a Zenitsu Demon Slayer fact can be rather surprising for someone who has only seen the anime but simply can’t wait for the future seasons to release.


Zenitsu Can Hear Extremely Well

Some may even say that Zenitsu has superhuman hearing, for he can hear almost as well as Tanjiro can smell. If he focuses hard enough, he may even be able to listen to the thoughts of people and therefore is an exceptionally skilled character when it comes to playing instruments and activities related to sound.

This is another Zenitsu Demon Slayer fact that might be glossed over in the series at times but should be known to appreciate the character even better.


The Surname Fits Zenitsu Character

Believe it or not, Zenitsu’s name doesn’t just end with the meaning of “loud thunder”. Instead, his surname can have interesting connotations to his apparent personality, the surname “Agatsuma” means “my wife” whereas Zenitsu itself has the meaning of “goodness”. Therefore, his name can also have the meaning of “kindness”. This makes for an interesting Zenitsu Demon Slayer fact.


Zenitsu Fights With Instincts Alone

Zenitsu, while he might be one of the most cowardly characters in Demon Slayer due to his apparent reluctance to fight demons. He also is one of the most intimidating characters whenever he falls asleep or is “unconscious” due to extreme fright.

The result that comes out is his instincts taking over and utilizing the first form of the thunder breathing techniques to dispatch any demons using “ Godspeed”.


Zenitsu Hair Turned Yellow Due to Lightning

Yes, you read that right! Zenitsu’s supposed yellow hair wasn’t always like that, it was originally black, but it turned into its trademark color during one of the training sessions of Zenitsu with his master Jigoro.

During the session, Zenitsu was struck by lightning after he climbed up a tree. This might probably be one of the more outrageous Zenitsu Demon Slayer facts for many fans.


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