All GTA San Andreas Clothing Stores

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This GTA San Andreas guide will help you freshen up CJ's wardrobe as we cover what is available in every clothing store with a slideshow of every accessible outfit. There are different stores to explore and a handful of unique and special clothes to grab. We will also go over the store's name and address, the average price range, how to obtain all unique and exceptional costumes and the location of the store.

Add a brand-new, fashionable garment to CJ's wardrobe by purchasing it from one of the many clothing stores in GTA San Andreas. When you successfully complete a task with a girlfriend, you will also get special clothing outfits.

In this list, we will be discussing the clothing stores available in the game.


This store has the cheapest clothes, with nothing costing more than $100. This is the store to visit if you are seeking clothes that match the shades of Grove Street.

Once the Nines and AKs assignment is finished, the shop is accessible. The Emerald Isle, Redsands West, Ganton, Los Santos, and Juniper Hill, San Fierro are all places where you can find Bincos.

Sub Urban

Although Sub Urban sells less expensive clothing, it is more stylish than Binco. However, they do not sell anything that costs more than $100, much as Binco. After finishing the Nines and AKs quest, the store becomes accessible.

Jefferson (Los Santos), Creek (Las Venturas), and Hashbury are all places where you can locate a Sub Urban.

Pro Laps

Pro Laps mostly sells athletic clothes. There are many different types of sporting clothes available in this store in San Andreas. The shop can be accessed after completing Nines and AKs, and they do offer stuff costing more than $100.

A Pro Laps can be found at the places like Rodeo (Los Santos) and Creek (Las Venturas).


Zip is a mid-range shop that sells clothing articles priced at more than $100. They provide standard clothing items like graphic tees, hoodies, and even hiking boots that you would typically find in any generic clothing store.

After finishing Are You Going to San Fierro, the store becomes accessible. A Zip can be found in the locations like Downtown Los Santos, Financial (San Fierro), Pilgrim (Las Venturas), Redsands East (Las Venturas), and King's (San Fierro).


Victims is a clothing store that offers semi-formal clothing that can cost more than $200. At Victims, you can get suits, t-shirts, costumes, and much more.

After finishing the Learning to Fly objective, the store is accessible. Victims can be found at Rodeo, Downtown (San Fierro), and Creek (Las Venturas) (Los Santos).

Didier Sachs

The game's most costly clothing store is without a doubt, Didier Sachs.

There is just one, and it is in Rodeo (Los Santos). After completing the Saint Mark's Bistro" task, the store becomes accessible.


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