God of War Valkyrie Locations Easiest to Hardest

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Each Valkyrie can be spotted inside Odin's Hidden Chamber. Once you have successfully claimed the chisel during the tale, you can only access these. Although you can usually unlock a chamber without starting a fight, it is best to wait until you are at least level five or six before engaging them.

This list includes necessary information related to the God of War Valkyrie Locations.

Locations of God of War Valkyrie

The locations of the game are discussed below:

Foothills in Midgard: Geirdriful

Simply continue on the route that leads from Sindri's shop. You must continue on it until you come to the junction where the route split. This storyline will lead you left and into the cave with the torches lighted. You can find the Valkyrie in the Hidden Chamber of Odin by taking the correct route.

The River Pass, Midgard: Kara

You may easily find the Turtle's Tribute treasure map in the Witch's Cave, which is located in the same room. From the elevator, you may easily descend to the location. The bridge before making a left turn can be crossed as well as dropped using light bridges. That wall is simple to scale. The Hidden Chamber of Odin's door can be found there.

The Mountain, Midgard: Eir

The Valkyrie door is behind the massive mines that are underground in the mountain. The door will be close by the platform where you will be operating the elevator in the story.

Thamur’s Corpse, Midgard: Gunnr

You can find a fantastic entrance in the icy area, which is near Thamur's hand. The Valkyrie can be found inside if you enter this area.

Alfheim: Olrun

You may easily cruise the shore to the left after you arrive at the enormous light temple. You must continue doing that until you come across a beach at which you can easily dock your boat. The tiny tunnel in the cliff face's end leads to The Hidden Chamber of Odin. With a lit torch, locate the entrance to the right of the larger opening.

Helheim: Rota

It is at the end of the bridge. On the steps in the middle of the bridge, you can just vault. You can easily cross the restricted pathway by turning left. The entrance to the Secret Chamber of Odin can be found there.

Niflheim: Hildr

Finding the Valkyrie is quite challenging. She is located in a specific location in the labyrinth. Simply choose the left way anytime you are given a choice to locate her.

Valkyrie Council: Midgard

Once the eight Valkyries have been defeated, all that remains is to set the trophies on each of the thrones in the Council of Valkyries area.


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