All God of War Valkyries Ranked

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The God of War Valkyries are the nine realms' strongest bosses. There are nine in total, one of which being the intimidating Valkyrie Queen, which you can face after dealing with the others. If you succeed in the challenge, you will also get your hands on some of the best armor in the game.

You would not be able to access the places where these angry angels live until you have finished the main story, but waiting until then will give you a better chance of defeating them. These angry angels are not exactly easy targets.

Valkyries are absolutely amazing. They have amazing designs and epic fighting capabilities. In this list, these valkyries will be ranked according to their designs, backstories, and the tough time they will give while fighting them.


EIR - The Valkyrie Healer

EIR is mentioned in Norse mythology in both pros and poetic Eddas which is an Icelandic telling of the Norse tales. EIR is different from other valkyries. During a battle, others were all in and being violent, while EIR was looking for others and protecting them. She performed the task of healing the mortals and Gods alike. She also healed a powerful character mimir when he fell off a mountain after being drunk.

Apart from all of this, she was a little low in design. The design is not so much attractive.


Kara - The Wild Storm

Kara is known as a wild storm personified because she is very commonly collected in one moment and everything can be changed in an impulse after its collection. She would unleash his wrath upon anyone around her at that moment.

One downside of fighting with Kara is her health. She has the smallest health as compared to other valkyries and a limited set of moves that Kratos can easily tackle. But, she has an awesome design.


Gunner - The Mistress of War

In Norse mythology, Gunner is considered to be one of the three valkyries to go out and choose the worthy dead to bring out Valhalla. She can decide the outcome of the battle along with the other two valkyries. In the game, Gunner always arrives first in the battle. She was also present during the minor scuffles. Gunner was also considered a powerful resource to the all-father Odom. She is a little bit easy to defeat.


Geirdriful - The Master of Arms

She is the master of arms in Valhalla and trains all the slain warriors. Their job is to protect Asgard from the giants. It is interesting to fight her because of her ability to mislead the opponent. Her built design has taken inspiration from owls.


Rota - The Chooser of the Slain

Rota takes pride in her duties. She made sure that Helheim do not overflow with the dead bodies. But she was not happy to be locked with all the souls that flooded the Helheim. It is extremely difficult to fight Rota. She is lightning fast and smashes the opponent’s head with the stone. She has an awesome design that is inspired by a deer.


Hildr - The Mistress of Battle

Hildr has the amazing power of reviving the dead on the battlefield. She does not get along with her valkyrie sisters very well in the game. She pretty much lives for the conflicts. She is the only one in the game with an ice attack. She has an amazing wing design.


Olrun - The Valkyrie Historian

Olrun has an interesting back story. She was the daughter of a king and a valkyrie. She married Egil but left shortly to find battle and never returned. She was brought to Valhalla where Odin made her valkyrie because of her bravery. You can only attack her while staying still which is her unique ability and makes it tough to fight her. Her design is inspired by an eagle.


Sigrun - The Valkyrie Queen

She was reincarnated as a valkyrie after she died of heartbreak. It is the biggest challenge to face her in the game. She possesses a mixture of attacks of all valkyries. Her design is also awesome which has taken inspiration from a dragon.


Gondul - The Fire Valkyrie

She is considered the most beautiful Valkyrie. She was the toughest to fight because of her extraordinary ability to fire fireballs from the sky. Her built design is inspired by a vulture which is extremely attractive and beautiful.


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