Best Cat Tree For Large Cats (2022)

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If you have a large cat that has a habit of climbing or continuously scratching, it might not be a precisely new occurrence to see one of your rather beloved bed sheets torn into fine shreds and your other furniture going through the same fate.

Cats are generally curious and loving creatures once they have someone they can trust; they do, however, need to keep themselves busy to be fit and happy in the long run. As cats tend to gravitate towards a high ground rather than staying on the bottom, getting the best cat tree for large cats (2022) might just be what you need to do!

Does cat tree size matter?

Cat tree sizes matter if you are looking for trees for cats, generally of large sizes. In essence, getting a tree meant for large cats for your small cat will generally result in them having much space for themselves, which would be an uncomfortable experience.

A cat who tends to play on the ground will generally like a small cat tree. In contrast, cats who are more inclined towards climbing or predatory behavior will find cat trees that are bigger to be best for them.

Therefore, if you are getting the best cat tree for large cats, checking to ensure that the tree you are getting is built only for large cats will play an essential role in comfortability and maximum reward.

How tall should a cat tree be for one cat?

If you are getting a cat tree for a cat, then the size at the minimum should be around 36 inches; the size may, however, vary depending on the cat or kitten you have. Otherwise, sizing will mainly depend on your cat's size, age, and overall energy in terms of activities.

What cat trees do cats like best?

Cats generally have varying interests in liking cat trees. Therefore, there cannot be a single general tree for all cats to like. You may, however, note down some factors that may help you identify the best cat tree for large cats:

  • Do the cat trees have small compartments? Cats generally love to live on higher perches; they may find it even better if cat trees had a small compartment to hide in, attracting them to go inside.
  • Does the tree have toys to play with? Hanging trees, cotton balls rolled in one of the compartments, or other similar toys can attract a cat into coming and playing with the cat tree.
  • Is it strong? A strong cat tree is essential for large cats; a large cat will need a slightly more challenging cat tree. The sturdier the cat tree, the more your large cat will love to play around with it.
  • See if it can survive scratching. If your cat happens to be a scratcher, then getting a cat tree resistant to scratching will be the best investment you can make, especially if you are looking to save your bed.

These factors may be the best for cats, as cats are scratchers and climbers, and getting a tree according to those specifications will be the best for them.

If you are looking for the best cat tree for large cats, then the following products below might just be of interest to you:


Hey-bro Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture

With multiple layers of steps and various other toys along with hammocks for your cats or kittens to comfortably indulge themselves in, this is one of the best cat tree for large cats as it sisal covering to satisfy the need of your cats to scratch along with a top and plushy perch to give your cat the high and mighty feel.

This product is easy to assemble and will ensure a quick and effortless preparation for your large cat to take their first dig. To know more, you may check it out on the Amazon page.

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Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61 for Indoor Cats and Multi-Level Cat

With a hammock for your cat to comfortably swing in and toys to play with, this cat tree is one of the best cat tree for large cats as it is a multi-level cat condo type product that allows you to have multiple cats or kittens share rooms in essence.

If your cat wants to overlook everything from a high point, they can do it; if they are only looking to play with a hanging ball, that is also possible. This is one of the finest cat trees you can come across for your cat.

You may, however, find it a bit difficult to set it up the first time, but aside from that, this is the perfect cat tree for your large cat. To know more, you may check it out the Amazon Page.

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PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury 34 Inches Cat Tower

Have a large cat that wants to be lazy while still being active? This cat tree is the perfect device for the cat to try their activities. It is 34 inches tall and has two compartments for cozy relaxation after a long day of activity.

This cat tree is one of the best cat tree for large cats as its simple yet effective design ensures that they will have fun with this product. The detachable ball and removable cover make it relatively simple to keep your cat tree clean and shining. To know more, you may check out the Amazon page.

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Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree Condo Furniture - BeigeCat Tree Furniture

They are made with engineered wood, designed for large cats who tend to climb around. The room design ensures that your cat can get the much-needed space they desire, especially in an environment usually closed off.

One of the best cat tree for large cats, this cat tree has Sisal posts and toy mice for cats to play around with if they are feeling bored; this, in fact, is one of the best ways to keep your otherwise easily bored cats busy and engaged. To know more, you may check it out the Amazon page.

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NEGTTE Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat

If your cat is the type who loves to stand on high ground and look down upon you with absolute distaste, then getting this product might just be one of the best cat trees for large cats and will thoroughly ensure the fact that your cat will enjoy climbing and playing.

Made with strong wood materials and Sisal posts and Fabric, this product has some of the best quality plush covers to ensure your cat quietly yet effectively enters whenever they want. To know more about this product, you may check it out the Amazon page.

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