Best Board Games For 3 Year Olds

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There is a solid reason why we frequently recommend cooperative board games on our website. We purposefully aim to emphasize the enjoyment of playing games with the family rather than competitiveness. Not yet, at least. At this moment, we probably play three times as many cooperative games as competitive ones.

A minimum age or age range is specified for children to play board games. But not every child is the same. I consider the suggested age to be a basic guideline. Children continually absorb information from their surroundings like sponges.

Don't sell your children short. They could be smarter than you realize. If you don't try new games, you won't know. The greatest board games for toddlers may be different for different families and may work well for one.

What works one week may not necessarily work the following week, as is the case with all parenting strategies. Therefore, if a certain board game doesn't work one day, you may try it again a few months later.

You are the wisest person to understand what works and what doesn't for your child. You'll quickly learn which game is ideal for your upcoming family game night.


Little Garden Published by HABA

Little Garden is one of our faves from HABA's amazing My Very First Games collection of games for very young children. The wooden components are amazing, as you can usually expect from HABA. In this specific game, you get a tonne of wonderful wooden pieces that aren't even supposed to be used in the gameplay.

That, in my opinion, is amazing and it truly encourages us to utilize our imaginations when caring for our gardens. And, to be honest, there's always the option to forego playing the game altogether and simply use the pieces as toys. This is one of the 5th board games for a 3-year-old.

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My First Castle Panic Published by Fireside Games

One of my all-time favorite board games is Castle Panic, so when I heard that Fireside Games was making a younger version, I was overjoyed.

We loved it so much that we wrote a full essay on it. The concept of this game is without a doubt its finest feature in my opinion. You are attempting to defend your fortress against goblins in a tower defense game.

They inch closer to the castle wall with each round. Players must match the colors and forms on their cards to the colors and shapes the goblins are standing on to attack them. This is one of the 4th board games for a 3 year old.

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Friends and Neighbors Published by the Peaceable Kingdom

A board game that emphasizes compassion and empathy in particular? Please pinch me. The peaceable Kingdom has long been a favorite publisher among our family; in fact, we published a whole post about why they are the kings of cooperative games. Now that they are emphasizing empathy, we even love them more.

Friends & Neighbors is a matching game and a game of chance. Although it isn't complicated, our daughter chose it as her third choice since she truly enjoys it. I like the book's content.

Therefore, I believe this game is great for kids even if there are no options to be taken. This is one of the 3rd board games for a 3 year old.

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First Orchard Published by HABA

First Orchard quite a bit, even committing an entire post to this excellent first foray into gaming. The fundamentals of playing games—rolling the dice, moving the pieces, taking turns, and even a small introduction to strategy—are superbly taught by First Orchard.

The beautiful wooden game pieces, however, which can be used for pretend play just as readily as for actual play, are unquestionably the case's high point.

The moment when my daughter purposefully tried to roll the raven because she believed he was hungry and felt terrible for him will always be my favorite memory of this game. This is the 2nd best board game for a 3 year old.

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Pick Me Up Piggy! Published by the Peaceable Kingdom

The new Peaceable Kingdom game is just amazing. Similar to Friends and Neighbors, this imaginative memory game has a strong focus on assisting others. There are also fantastic components within, and it's always fun to play with the board and characters and utilize our imaginations.

You begin by driving about town on your fantastic wooden automobile and leaving your four animal companions in four various structures. As you send them off, you may quickly create an excuse for why they are heading there, such as "Mr. Horse is going to the pizza restaurant to purchase 2,000 pizzas and pass them away to strangers" or "Mrs. Mouse is going to the dentist to get her teeth replaced with gumdrops". This is one of the best board games for a 3-year-old.

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