Cat Toys Interactive Best Sellers (2022)

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Cats as pets can be rather hard to take care of at times, from being curious about things that may not be suitable for them to always look for something to play with. This is why toys are often some of the items that cats keep to themselves for entertainment.

This article will also deal with cat toys interactive bestsellers (2022) for cats who love playing with toys and alike. This list will include some toys that are perfectly safe for cats and are not a hazard to their health either.

Ensure to try and keep your cat from chewing on the toy if possible, as toys often contain certain chemicals that might cause an allergic reaction.

Do Cats Like Interactive Toys?

Do cats like toys, especially interactive ones? The short answer is yes; cats love playing with interactive toys as it allows them to release stress and even do a bit of exercising by playing with their toys.

As cats generally love to play, whether they are without toys or with one, they will love to play with interactive toys that require their brains to be used.

How Can I Make My Cat More Interactive?

Cats love to play with toys the most; you may, however, try to do the following to make them a bit more interactive than just playing with toys:

  • Chase them around. A cat loves to play catch-up and other sorts of chasing games.
  • Play fetch with them. Believe it or not, cats love to play fetch as much as dogs do.
  • Give them a well-deserved petting. Cats love being petted, especially under their chin or on their cheeks; it relaxes their mind and makes them interact with the owner lovingly.
  • Play with the lights. Cats are fond of chasing after lights. Therefore it can be a good idea to have them play by making them go after torch lights or alike.

Besides these, making your cats go out on walks will make them experience how other people behave along with animals also, therefore making them much better at interactions.

What Toys Do Cats Enjoy the Most?

While a stereotype of cotton balls are often presented to be a cat’s most cherished toys, among others, cats do not have a specific preference when it comes to toys and will generally enjoy those that are somewhat interactive to play with; some of the best cat toys interactive are:


OurPets Play-N-Squeak Real Birds Cat Toys

Despite its ordinary looks, the OurPets Play-N-Squeak natural bird cat toys are some of the best cat toys interactive products to get for your cat. Besides the fluffy design, these bird cat toys have a helpful feature to make your cat curious and eager to play around to get more out of the toys.


  • Electronically operated sound module. Despite the simple looks, this cat toy has a sound module installed inside to produce a “chirping” sound whenever the cat bats. This can fulfill your cat’s need for interaction while also satiating its prey drive.
  • Contains catnip. This cat toy contains an aromatic catnip that can drive your cat wild and excited while being non-toxic.
  • Resistant and provides relief from boredom. This cat toy is made with just the suitable amounts of sturdy materials to give your cat reasonable amounts of fun and mental stimulation while surviving the roughhousing.

If you are wondering more about this product and details about the materials, then check out the Amazon page.

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Flurff Cat Toys, Interactive Cat Toy Butterfly

Recommended for small cat breeds, this battery-operated cat toys interactive device is the perfect toy for your cat to engage themselves with and try to figure out as to how they can complete the goal of catching the ever-elusive flying butterfly.

A great product if you want to get your cat some much-needed exercise while making them agile and proficient.


  • 360-degree rotation. The butterflies attached to this cat toy can rotate 360 degrees once the mechanism to activate them is pushed. This rotation is the perfect stimulation for your cat to try and capture it in a rather intense and precise manner.
  • Simple to use and suitable for health. Requiring just a push of the button to activate the device, this cat toy can effectively motivate your cat to exercise a lot and therefore give them a chance to avoid obesity and other health disorders related to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

If you are wondering more about this product and details about the materials, then check out the Amazon page.

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MeoHui Cat Toys, 2PCS Retractable Cat Wand Toy

For small-medium-sized cat breeds, the MeoHui cat toys interactive products are quite the wholesome package for your cat. The feather and string design allow you to play a game of catch with your cat as the lure around the feather draws your cat’s attention!


  • Colorful and bright. The colorful wand and the feather design attract your cat’s attention, whether they are engaged in a different activity or jumping around.
  • Pole design. The telescopic design of the pole is retractable. It can be carried inside a bag and is light to hold on to.

Aside from these, the MeoHui cat toys are made with completely safe and natural materials, which makes them safe to handle for your cats. You may check out the Amazon page for more details regarding this product.

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Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish

Perfect for cats who are slightly more ferocious and predatory when it comes to hunting small animals or fishes. This cat toys interactive product, made with non-toxic materials, is quite an advanced cat toy as it can easily make a cat think that the toy fish is real.


  • Realistic toy fish. The fish's design is made to easily trick a cat into thinking that the fish toy is accurate and, therefore, a living being to play with.
  • Fun simulations. The built-in sensor inside the toy allows the fish toy to wiggle around once a cat touches it with their paw, resulting in the cat becoming even more intrigued and playing around with it.
  • Long-lasting battery life. The 350mAh battery allows the fish toy to last for a longer period of time and is rechargeable. Also, this allows more play time for your cat and overall more interactivity!

If you are busy and want to keep your cat engaged, this is the perfect toy. For more details, you may check out the Amazon page.

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Petstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Toy

Made for all breed sizes, this cat toy might just be one of the best cat toys interactive sets that you may get for your serious cat to play with. Whether you have one or multiple cats, they will be highly engaged once given this toy to play with!


  • Colorful design. With three tracks of levels and three equally colorful balls to roll down, this product will attract your cats towards the toy specifically.
  • Sturdy and tough. If you are worried that a cat will easily break the toy, then fear not, for this product is made with a sturdy base to withstand the onslaught of multiple cats easily!

If you are wondering more about this product and how to use it for your cat, you may check out the Amazon page for more details.

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