The influence of culture on decision making in a workplace

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Roann Marie Albertus

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In a world with continuous globalization and development, imigration has become a trend. People easily move from one place to another or even apply for a job abroad and work remotely if possible. The primary affected party of this trend is the economy, and companies that are an integral part of the economy. Workplaces are being challenged by cultural differences, so called “diversity”. (StaffTimer App, 2021) This leads us to asking how cultural differences have an influence on decision making.

The influence of cultural differences when it comes to decision making

Now imagen a diverse team in a workplace, where everyone has their own way of seeing, interpreting and dealing with things. Each culture has their own norms and value that might not be understandable to other culture. However, this also has a positive impact because while some things might be difficult to understand, diversity brings a group of people together as a team. And each individual brings their own opinion, way of thinking and way of solving problems. Thus, there will be more alternatives to choose from or to create an idea together as a team to solve problems or to make the best decision on important matters in an organization.

Decision making process in a workplace

Strong decision-making is a valuable skill in any workplace.This is because it empowers employees and leaders to make mindful choices that have the best chance of leading to a favorable outcome. The decision making process allows one to explore all the alternatives possible in order to choose which is the best solution for the problem.The decision-making process includes the following steps: define, identify, assess, consider, implement, and evaluate. What defining better (5 Steps in Decision Making Process (Video), 2022)

Cultural differences in a workplace

Culture is a word of a way of life of a group of people, this can be past down from generations to generations and has various elements that makes each group unique/outstanding in their own way.These elements includes customs, languaged, beliefs, attitudes, art/drama/music, food, faith/religion, behavior and rituals. Thus, in a diverse workplace employers have the challenge of bringing employees together regardless of their way of life and most importantly without offending their cultural traditions.(BeauteHealthy, 2021)

Furthermore,every company has their own culture. This is called organizational culture and it is based on the collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the action of all team members in the organization. All organization's cultures are different and therefore it is important to retain what makes your company unique.