Challenges women face in leadership positions.

Idelienne Reenis

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It is clear that women are making their way in management positions, but there is still a lack of women in leadership positions in general, much less management positions. It is a fact that women have faced many struggles compared to men when climbing the corporate ladder, especially women of color. Even though women are proving to have a positive impact when in a leadership position, they still face many challenges. 


Balance between work and family.

Women that have families have to deal with both the stress of family/kids and also the stress of work. Women are most of the time responsible for raising the family (especially in Caribbean culture). It can be overwhelming, sometimes impossible to juggle work and personal life. 


Women can be very emotional.

We as women are often seen as very emotional. And making decisions based on emotions can not always work to your advantage. Being emotional is also seen as being less decisive.


Sexual harassment.

As more women advance to management and leadership positions, they also face the risk of unsolicited physical actions, offensive remarks and unwanted sexual attention

All female employees have experienced sexual harassment in their job at least once, and the odds is likely higher for women in management positions. Sometimes women have to quit their jobs, change departments or even change industries because of harassment. These actions can make a woman miss opportunities and therefore slow down their career. 


The majority of the workforce is still men.

One of the most obvious challenges is that most of the people in the room are men. Women must see this as an opportunity for women to stand out and create a good impression from the start. 


Expectations of women are often lower.

Expectations for a lot of women can often be set lower. The trick is not to see this in a negative way but to change the narrative and realize it’s easier to prove them wrong then to explain what you can or cannot do.