Different reasons of why you should travel Solo or in a Group

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Whenever you want to travel somewhere, you might have difficulty deciding whether to go alone or with a group of friends or family. Traveling is often about trying new things and attempting to experience different cultures in the country you visit. Thus, deciding how you want to make your experience unforgettable, solo or with a group, is essential. Here are some tips and reasoning that can make your decision pretty easy about how you want to travel.

Solo travel

First, if you travel solo, you will have more freedom on your trip. If you are on a trip with friends or family, the group can influence your decision of what activities you need to do as a group. While traveling alone, you have the complete freedom to do what you want and when you want. Traveling solo can be an incredible experience because you can accomplish the activities you want to do that you have always dreamt of. 

Next to freedom, traveling solo can increase your self-confidence because you need to make your own decisions about how your trip will go. Making your own decisions will make you more confident, trust yourself, get out of your comfort zone and set some goals you want to achieve on the trip. Since you are making your own decisions, you will find some obstacles. Overcoming these will make you feel stronger and that you did them without leaning on someone else.

Focus on your surroundings

Moreover, if you travel solo, you will focus more on your surroundings. You are alone on vacation, forcing you to interact and engage with others. Besides, many travelers have confirmed that you will have more vivid memories when you travel solo (SmarterTravel, 2020 ). By engaging and interacting with others, you can make lifelong friendships.

Change plans and Inspire others

The fourth reason is that you can change plans. When you travel solo, you plan your activities and what to do each day. Thus, if you do not feel like doing a specific activity that day, you can change it and move on without worrying about other people and dealing with the consequences of guilt, conflict, financial, and other concerns. 

The last reason is that you can inspire others. Due to your courage in traveling solo, you can inspire others to take their journey and do activities they always dreamt of doing. Thus, be the inspiration for others.

Group travel

One of the reasons why you should travel in a group is because you are assured that you will have a great time. Shared experiences are often more enjoyable and more fun. Besides having a great time, you do not need to keep worrying about safety or getting around. 

Another reason to travel in a group is that you can deepen your relationship with the people you are traveling with. Traveling with friends, relatives, co-workers, or business partners, you will experience how these individuals act in different situations and environments you are not accustomed to.

Assign roles to each other

The third reason is that you can assign roles to each other in a group. Thus, you can share your unique strengths with the group, for example, whether you are an expert leading the way or an expert at taking photos. Nobody handles tasks alone and is an expert at everything when you are in a group. Windstar Cruises ( May, 2021 ) says if you assign roles, you can benefit from each other, relax and enjoy yourself more with the consequence of enhancing the journey.

Feel supported and More affordable

Furthermore, with a group you can feel supported. When you are in a group you do not have to face challenges alone. The advantage is that the other travelers will be by your side to offer their support and help you overcome any obstacles you encounter. So, whenever you need some helping hand or wish there was someone to share your experience with, it is eliminated.

The last reason is that group travel is more affordable. Traveling in a group can save you a lot of money. By doing so, you can get various group discounts and promotions (Expatexplore, 2022 ). For instance, if you go to a restaurant or tourist attraction, you can negotiate and can get a great group discount that you would not be able to get by yourself.

In conclusion, it is your decision of how you want to travel and make your experience unforgettable. Thus, in the end, the decision will stay on you, what fits you the best and what you want to achieve on your trip.


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