How to include difficult people in work teams

Roann Marie Albertus

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Let's start with understanding the impact of our behaviour within the workplace and the interactions we have with our colleagues on a day-to-day basis. Everyone has their own personality and character. However, some people are easy going and others are hard to deal with due to their strong character or their values and beliefs. This does not mean they need to be avoided or ignored, but rather included in projects and dealt with in certain ways while using tactics to help them loosen up.

How to deal with difficult people

People Think of people like ice-bergs. An ice-berg floating on the ocean waterline is only 20% visible (the top) while 85% of the ice-berg is invisible (This is the most important part). Thus, Human beings are like an iceberg. 20% is the behavior of a human being and 80% is what drives human behavior. Difficult people do what they do because it works. They are affected by their behavior. The best solution is to use the surprising effect.. This means doing the exact opposite of what difficult people expect you to do. It is like moments molder = mold moments for different outcomes.

How to include difficult people in order to create effective teams in a workplace

Some people tend to be difficult to deal with but have amazing performance in the workplace. This is how they can be included in teams in a workplace. Firstly, choose a leader for the team. This is the first thing  a strong team should do, agree on a leader. Secondly, establish a clear goal, because clarity and purpose is a very important key to successful teams. Thirdly, divide responsibility among team members, here is where you should consider using talent management. Find out what the difficult people are good at and assign them with that as responsibility. Fourthly, set a schedule with deadlines so everyone knows in advance on what time frame they should work. Lastly, create open lines of communication. Everyone knows that good communication avoids misunderstandings and gives responses to questions in order to have an even better performance.