The positive impact of relationships between employees, for an organization

Anwar Mercado Mejia

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The positive impact of relationships between employees for an organization 


The meaningfullness of relationships in the workplace.

The meaningfullness of relationships in the workplace.

Relationships in an organization are essential to ensure a good and healthy work environment . Nowadays workers might choose a healthy work environment over a better paying position just because they get treated better by their colleagues and management. This goes to show the importance of relationships in the workplace. Good relationships in an organization can help with alot of factors such as : 


Employee morale

Employee morale 

The way employees work is impacted by the people they work with. Their relationships with colleagues and management have a direct link with their productivity output. A good relationship with colleagues  results in a healthy work environment and a healthy work environment results in more productivity output. Healthy relationships between employees boosts the morale of the employees and this results in more productivity and profit for an organization.


Employee retention

Employee Retention

A healthy relationship with colleagues can be helpful in keeping employees longer, as mentioned in the introduction. Relationships between employees are so important that in some cases they might choose not to leave to another organization for more pay , because of how healthy and good the relationships with colleagues are. Good relationships between employees also discourage the idea of seeking employment anywhere else as they would sometimes rather stay where they know their relationships are good and strong.


Improves creativity

Improves creativity.

A positive work environment will also lead to a boost in creativity as we often tend to relax and be ourselves in environments in which we feel comfortable and healthy work relationships create a “safe” space where employees can be themselves and not be scared to share ideas that might have a meaningful impact in an organization. This relaxation and comfortability leads to a boost in creativity among employees.


Easier to hire new employees

Makes it easier to hire new employees

Hiring new employees isn't an easy task but having employees that have good relationships between themselves can facilitate this process as these employees know how to adapt and are willing to help the new employee join their group and make life easier for the new employee and the organization. 


Exchange of knowledge and skills

Exchange of knowledge and skills between employees 

A good relationship between employees results in the inevitable exchange of knowledge and skills between employees, especially senior and junior employees that exchange information resulting in more knowledgeable and capable employees which is a big positive for the organization.


Improves collaboration

Improves collaboration 

Employees that have a good relationship together tend to work well together which deliver good and fast results , these employees that respect each other often push each other to the best of their abilities . A good relationship between employees also results in better communication where nobody is scared to express their opinion to improve the project. 



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