The importance of an office design in the overall productivity of an organization

Keysean Cornelia

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Office design in an organization has a more important role in the productivity of the employees than most people think. There are 6 different factors that can improve the productivity of employees. Such as Colors in the work office, the air quality, and nature.

The importance of a well designed office in an organization.

One may think that the office design of an organization is not important, but as a matter of fact, it’s more important than you may think. The office design in an organization can improve overall productivity in an organization. Some people don’t pay close attention enough to this, but the way an office is designed and well maintained can really have a positive mental effect on the productivity of the employees.

The 6 office design factors that can improve the productivity in the organization

Scientifically proven there are 6 factors that can improve the productivity of employees in an organization. 

These factors are:

  1. Natural and artificial lighting. Bright, yet soft light affects the employees both physically and mentally. This can then employees happier and make them less anxious.

  2. Comfort. The temperature and the furniture in an office can make the employees more comfortable. This will result in the employees will focus better on their work and they won’t waste a lot of time trying to make themselves comfortable.

  3. Air quality. A stuffy workplace can cause a drop in concentration and work efficiency. On the other hand, a more open and airy work environment can improve productivity.

  4. Noise. Noise is a major distraction in a lot of workplaces. Complete silence is also a little depressing. By having light soft music in the background can improve the productivity of your employees.

  5. Nature. Studies have shown that having exposure to nature in your workplace can improve the overall productivity of your organization. 

  6. Color. Colors have been proven to have a psychological effect on the human mind. So have colors that match the true purpose of your organization, it can help employees relax or boost their creativity.

The positive impact of the office design on the organization.

A well-designed office can have a very positive impact on the productivity of the employees in your organization. Having colors that match your business purpose, and having nice and comfortable furniture with a nice layout in your office can improve the productivity of your employees with the final result that your organization and/ or business can grow faster.