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Tabitha Kewalramani

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This article is based on my personal experience at the gym in Curaçao.

How it started

Going to the gym has been something that many people, including myself, have always said they want to do for a variety of reasons, from mental health reasons to just overall body fitness. I’ve wanted to go to the gym for similar reasons also. Thus, I decided three years ago to start going.
I started going alone but with help of a personal trainer in the gym, and now that I came up so far, I train alone. However, I work out two or three days a week with a friend and gym partner. I go to the gym Monday to Thursday and sometimes on Friday.

Experience and Organizational Behavior in the Gym

In the beginning, I was kind of nervous as I have always thought of the gym as a scary, intimidating place, this being one of the main reasons I had put off going for so long. However, there was something quite nice about people having different goals with some looking gain muscle and bulk up to people looking to lose weight. Thus, everyone was there to do one thing: better themselves. However, as months and years passed by, I realized and analyzed different organizational behavior in the gym. Organizational behavior between the CEO and his clients, organizational behavior with partners (couples) in the gym, personal trainer and their clients, groups of gym people, and also organizational behavior between the gym and the external people and technology.

The CEO and his clients

The CEO of the gym most of the time is very kind and open to his clients, he always encourages his clients on what to do to have e better health and body fitness and what to prevent also, when someone is new or wants to begin working out at the gym, he is always open to accepting anybody and even preteens. Thus, at his gym, you will feel at home talking to him because he is very open and kind, accept people with open arms, and always encourage them. This is a perfect organizational behavior between the CEO of the gym and his clients because this can attract more people. After all, each one says to the other how well the CEO treats them or has e bond with them. Also, this can make more profit for the organization.

Partners (Couples)

In the gym, you will see partners (couples) training together. Sometimes they train on a maturated level with each other. However, on the other hand, there will be a discussion between them about simple things. For example, if they had beef or an issue with each other on that day before they came to the gym, you would see them arguing more than they are working out in the gym and, in this way, everyone could see that they have a beef with each other at that moment. This is bad organizational behavior between partners because they are not motivating each other in the gym. They should talk about their problems also before coming to the gym. This is one situation that happens a lot in the gym daily. However, on the other hand, there are some partners (couples) who are well-maturated enough to handle their problems outside of the gym, and instead, they motivate each other in the gym and train well together.

Personal trainers with their clients

Furthermore, in the gym, you see sometimes personal trainers dealing rudely with their clients. For example, if the person cannot do something or it is his/her limit, the personal trainer begins to scream at the one he is training. Also, sometimes you see people cry because they are very emotional and cannot deal with this. On the other hand, you have personal trainers who communicate well with their clients and motivate them to be better, and also, help them a lot. In some cases, some personal trainers sit down and have a conversation with their clients about how the day went and what they could make better.

Workout Groups

When people train in groups at various times, they enjoy talking more than they are working out in the gym. They talk to each other about very different things that are most of the times not related to the workout, sometimes it can even begin an argument. At the same time, you have organizational behavior between those people and the machines in the gym because instead of working out, most of the time they hang on and talk for hours at the machines with each other or in groups. Thus, they do not let other people who want to train seriously use these machines, and this becomes disturbed in the gym most of the time. You also have people treating machines wrong because they just do not care. This is bad because it can cost machines to break and it is bad for the gym company. Thus, this is bad organizational behavior between people and machines also.

Gym Technology

This gym has just normal contact with external people because they just have an Instagram page. Thus, this is the only technology strategy, they use to get in contact with their clients or external people. This gym exists for years so they are not much in the technology system. However, I think if they start promoting the gym by using more technology, it can benefit the organization and increase profit. Also, the gym will have perfect organizational behavior with its client and external people.


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