Abuse of Power

Sheena Rijsenburg

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This article is based on a personal experience during covid-19 in curacao


During this period of covid-19 back in Curacao, there was a period back in the government made a lot of decisions to reduce the amount infected by the virus Covid-19. Two of them were license plate of the day and Toque de Queda 

Toque de Queda means everybody needs to stay at home except the important work in the community for example hospital workers, police, or fire brigade.

And license plate of the day means every day is another alphabet plate turn to leave home based on the schedule of the government, announced in the press conference.



My personal experience was that if it is something of emergency there should be another way to handle the situation. especially in this situation.

Compression for the comunity

As a company is important for workers to understand and are willing to apply the organization's standards which means the study of how individuals and groups interact with each other or clients or within the organization. An effective organizational behavior strategy can help management motivate its employees to perform well. Archiving collective goals becomes easier and simple when everyone is on the same page in their daily lives. To have a better view of an example of a situation that happen in my life, with a lack of behavior for the community, in this case, it is a problem that occur one and a half years ago but unfortunately, I still have stayed the problem for a long time without a solution something that could have been handled other way with better empathy and communication for the society we are all human beings after all.

Emergancy situation

On 16 April 2021, during the temporary of covid -19, here in curacao was toque de Queda and car plate of the day, to be honest, it was not the number plate of my car but I went out for a valid reason in my opinion because my father was in the hospital with covid for almost 4 days already and he was not allowed to receive visits from us, since he went to the hospital he has been 4 days with the same shirt so the doctors ask us to bring clothes for my father. On the road to bring my father's clothes with my mother driving the car, there was a police roadblock right a few meters before Curacao Medical Center (CMC).

License plate

On the other hand, the other cop who handled my mother had a huge compression for the situation and did not give my mother a boet which she was the driver of the car. We went home and email the head office which is Imro Zwerfer and he replies and said in case of an emergency like this I should not have received this boet. Now I still have 750 guilders to pay which was not justified, because of this situation every time I travel I need to have money in case there is someone from the “Openbare Ministerie of Curacao ” controlling boet by the Airport.

Licence plate

We could have to go back but we chose to keep going and explain to the police that we are bringing clothes for my father,1 cop handled me and another cop handled my mother let's begin with my case, and at the end, we can get a conclusion. in my case I told the cops exactly what is happening, the cops treated me so wrong with the attitude of he has the power, saying me it is not my plate today I need to stay home and let my father without clothes in the hospital or search a car with the car plate of the day. After explaining a lot to the cops I receive 750 guilders of boet.



To conclude my opinion these cops are not on the same page with each other, because I analyzed this situation one cop understands the situation the other one just wanted to use his power, not the organization and structure at all.

What can this organization do better?

 I think they should have worked in a team to have the same  point of view, compassion for the community is lacking here I think this organization need to put organization behavior more seriously to archive better result for the community because after all their slogan is to serve and protect so as a company you need to stick with your behavior on your slogan