Employees becoming resistant to change

Aldemar Davelaar

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The current state of technological development has caused for many changes to be made in every organization, from security to marketing to organizational behavior and beyond. While change brings new methods for companies to achieve the same or a higher goal with increased efficiency, it can also negatively affect the organization's core, which is the employees.

Due to development in recent years, every organization must implement changes to stay competitive or ahead of the competition. While employees tend to get comfortable doing their daily routine in a certain manner, the feedback doesn't always get received well when this gets changed. This caused for employees to slowly become resistant to change. Being resistant to change means that an employee tends to discredit, delay or prevent the implementation of a work change. 

The reason behind this behavior is due to employees are starting to feel the lack of control, their concerns about their competence, and possible excessive change. To combat this uncertainty within employees, here are 3 possible solutions that an organization can implement to help employees overcome being resistant to change:


Provide employees support throughout the change process

With ensuring the employees that they are supported throughout any struggles that they might go through, it helps them feel more in control and more likely to adapt to the change more smoothly. This also addresses some employee's insecurity of their competence due to the change. Therefore, future changes can be promoted to the employees and that they are supported through any potential impact that the change might have on their roles within the organization.


Provide opportunities for employees to participate in the change process and give feedback

By providing these opportunities it gives the employee a stronger sense of control, can give feedback on the potential excessive changes and help brainstorm better solutions that could bring the organization to the next level. By implementing the employees you also increase their self-esteem, confidence and give them a sense of job security due to their feedback being a important part of the implementation of a change within the organization.


Give employees enough time to consider and respond to any proposals

Not every employee adapts to change as fast as others and by showing that the organization is understanding, it helps the employee to adapt at their own pace to further improve their skills within the organization. This is very important for organizations that have a broad age group starting from 18 up to 60+.