5 Best Cat Water Fountain in Amazon 2022

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Many vets recommend cat fountains because they are a lot healthier for cats. They provide fresh water, and the water is more likely to be cleaner than the water in a bowl. Cats have an instinct to drink from running or moving water, so they will prefer drinking from a fountain over drinking from a bowl.

There are many different types of cat fountains on Amazon, but not all of them will work well for your cat. There are five best cat water fountain in Amazon 2022 that vets recommend and that cats will love. Keep reading below to know more about them!

Why Do vets recommend cat fountains?

As Cats are natural predators. They require a lot of water, but they are also known to be very finicky and difficult to please. However, vets recommend cat fountains for several reasons:

  • Cats need a constant supply of fresh water which is not always available in the wild
  • Cats need water that is free from bacteria and pathogens, so the fountain is an option to ensure the safety of your pet cat
  • Fountains encourage cats to drink more which reduces their risk of urinary tract issues
  • Cats are attracted to moving water which encourages them to drink more frequently.

The most common reason vets recommend cat fountains is because they can help prevent urinary tract infections in cats. Cats are prone to UTIs because their urethra is so short, which means bacteria from the anus can easily travel up into the bladder and cause an infection. The bacteria in the urine can also irritate the bladder lining, which can lead to inflammation and infection.

Some vets also recommend cat fountains because they believe that it helps prevent obesity in cats by encouraging them to drink more water instead of eating food for hydration.

Do Cats Prefer Bowls or Fountains?

Cats are notoriously picky about their water. They prefer running water to stagnant bowls of water. A cat's preference for a bowl or a fountain is not just about the type of water they drink, but also the type of food they eat.

Cats that eat dry food will prefer a bowl because it is easier to drink from than a fountain. Cats that eat wet food will prefer a fountain because it is easier to drink from compared to a bowl. However, cats prefer moving water, something that can encourage them to drink from a fountain or a faucet.

What is The Best Kind of Water Fountain of 2022 in Amazon

If you are wondering about the best cat water fountain to get for your precious cat, then the list below might just be what you are looking for:


ORSDA Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel

Coming with 6 replacement filters and one silicone mat for cats, this ultra-quiet fountain is quite possibly one of the best cat water fountain for cats who are looking to drink clean water from. The leakproof design only serves to make this cat water fountain even better than some other cat fountains.


  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel along with a triple filtration system only allows clean water to go to your cat.
  • Easy to clean as the pump is detachable along with being chin-friendly for your cat!

If you are looking to know more about this product, then you may check out the Amazon page for more info.

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NPET Cat Water Fountain, WF050TP 1.5L

While the capacity of this cat water fountain may not be as high as the others, it is nonetheless one of the best cat water fountain as it has a faucet for your cat to drink from.


  • The faucet is designed to help your cat easily drink running water.
  • A perfectly silent fountain with three water modes with a more than elegant design.

If you are interested in buying this product for your cat to hydrate themselves with, then you may check out the Amazon page of this product for more info on pricing.

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Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain

With quite a high capacity for water storage, this cat fountain might just be the best cat water fountain if you are looking for a product to make   your cats play with while ensuring that they drink clean water


  • Triple-layered filtering system which traps hair, blood, or dust particles while ensuring that the activated carbon shell, ion exchange resin filters the water to make it healthy for the cat to drink.
  • Three different flow designs to help with identifying what your cat exactly likes.

If you are truly interested in buying something good for your cat, then you may check out the Amazon link of this product for more info!

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Toozey Cat Water Fountain, 2L Water Fountain for Cats

Almost similar in design to many cat fountains, the Toozey cat water fountain is one of the best cat water fountain as it can encourage a cat to drink water through clean, filtered water. The cat fountain is also quiet enough to not disturb a cat (30 dB).


  • Comes in 4 flow modes to know which one is your cat’s favorite and allow them to drink using such flow mode.
  • Made with activated carbon ion exchange resin and non-woven fabric, the filter can effectively keep out calcium or debris from a building, making the water even healthier to drink. water level window.

If you are looking to know more about this product, then you may check out the Amazon page of this product for more details.

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Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, with Water Level Window and LED Light

While the setting up of this cat fountain may seem complicated at first, the fountain itself becomes rather easy to use thereafter. Coming in stainless steel with 3 replacement filters for clean water even if you are unable to get a quick replacement, this product might just be the best cat water fountain on Amazon.


  • 360 multi-directional water flow system oxygenates the water and encourages a cat to drink even more from the water as cats generally dislike standing water.
  • A pump with LED light is useful for knowing when the water level is becoming low, also includes a water level window.

Coming with equipment such as a mat and 2 cleaning brushes to ensure that you can clean your cat's water fountain, you may check out the Amazon page of this product to know more details

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