5 Best Cat Breeds for Allergies People

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If you are an avid fan of cats and always want to keep one for yourself, then it might be an important thing for an owner to know whether they are allergic or not. Normally, an allergic reaction can cause a variety of symptoms that may almost seem similar to that of a cold or even severe in some cases as respiratory distress may be involved.

This article will be dealing with the 5 best cat breeds for allergies people as having cats that do not cause allergic reactions will prove to be ultimately beneficial for people. Cats such as the Balinese are particularly known for their hypoallergenic coats and are often some of the most sought-after cat breeds.

What is Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds?

What are the best cat breeds for allergies, and what are hypoallergenic cat breeds? Hypoallergenic cat breeds are supposedly cat breeds that are made in such a way as to cause no adverse allergic reactions to a person allergic to animals.

While cats usually may not cause an allergic reaction to a person who may be allergic to dogs, caution should still be taken.  Some cat breeds may be hypoallergenic, such as the Balinese or Siberian cat breeds.

What Causes Allergies in Cats?

There are many causes of cat allergies: some people are allergic to cat fur, others are allergic to house dust in the fur. However, many people are believed to be allergic to the "Fel D1" protein found on cat hair, skin, saliva, and dander (dry dander). All cats produce this protein, and male cats produce more than females, especially if they are not neutered.

Once a cat licks its fur, the saliva laden with these allergens dries up and becomes airborne. Physical reactions to allergies become more likely such as itching, runny nose or other symptoms similar to colds in humans.

How to Choose a Hypoallergenic Cat for Allergies People

Take your time: The best cats for people with allergies vary. Spending time with cats of the same breed can help you manage allergies. Groom or visit different cat breeds to see how you respond. Before adopting or buying cats, ask your veterinarian to test them for Fel D1 protein before bringing them home.

Besides that, you may check out some of the 5 best cat breeds for allergies people if you are wondering about which hypoallergenic cat to get:


Cornish Rex

Some of the best cat breeds for allergies, the Cornish Rex is every bit similar to Devon Rex, and by that, not in name only! These cat breeds have short to thin hair that requires low-maintenance efforts and is easy to keep clean while ensuring that the owners can tolerate them if they are generally allergic to cats.

These cats are high-energy creatures and may try to nudge you for standing up and playing with them as they are hungry for attention and love!


Devon Rex

While they may essentially look hairless, these cat breeds are some of the best cat breeds for allergies as their near to none amounts of hair makes them a low maintenance pet while ensuring that their owners can contend with their constant, affectionate behaviour, especially if they happen to be ordinarily allergic to cats.

It might be essential to keep a lookout for this cat breed as they tend to go about their business in activities that may not exactly be something they should be involved in.


Oriental Shorthair

As their name suggests, the oriental shorthair cat breed typically comes with a short coat suitable for those allergic to cats. Although there is a longhair type of this breed, it can be better to get a shorthair variant to avoid allergic reactions.

One of the best cat breeds for allergies, the oriental shorthair is active enough to play whenever needed. It can quickly form bonds with close family members or the owner. While these cats may not shed as much, regular grooming and brushing may reduce the hair fall even further.


Siberian Cat

The best cat breed for allergies, the Siberian cat breed may come from harsh weather conditions as their namesake suggests; however, these cat breeds are some of the best cat breeds for allergies as their saliva do not produce as much of the proteins needed for Fel D1 to form correctly.

If you are looking for a fur ball to roll around with, this cat breed might just be what you are looking for, as they are known for their affectionate personality. Unlike the Balinese, the Siberian cat breed does shed and needs regular grooming to keep their fur looking nice and clean.


Balinese Cat

Considered to be one of the best cat breeds for allergies, the Balinese cat breeds are quite the sight to behold. Usually open for playing and energetic, these cat breeds may have long hair.

However, they don’t shed as much as other cat breeds. A Balinese is considered hypoallergenic because the Fel D1 protein is found in lesser amounts in this cat breed, which is only helped with the minimum amounts of their shedding hair.