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Loki likes to keep information about him obscure, and that's remained the case for much of Marvel history. So there are plenty of questions to be asked. Loki is the adopted brother of Thor, the Asgardian God of Mischief, and one of the most dangerous foes that the Avengers have ever faced. He has a very long history, both in canon and outside it, and this means that Loki has a lot of information floating around about him in relation to the Marvel Universe Beyond that, Loki's propensity for lying and tricks means that a lot of information about him is shrouded in mystery. Loki likes to keep information about him obscure, and that's remained the case for much of Marvel history. So there are plenty of questions to be asked about Loki. How old is he? What exactly are his powers? What is his relationship like with other Marvel villains?

How Old Is Loki Really In The Marvel Canon?

Loki's age is hard to pinpoint given his status as a deity and a Frost Giant. In the MCU, it is confirmed that Loki was 1,054 years old when he was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The Asgardians are far older in the comics than they are in the movies, so Loki is likely thousands if not tens of thousands of years old. Odin is confirmed to have been wandering around Midgard in 1,000,000 BC, so that does mean Loki is likely less than a million years old at least. That said, Loki as he currently exists in Marvel Comics is less than 10 years old, but the reason for that will be discussed later.

Is Loki Married In Marvel Comics?

Loki was at one point married in Marvel Comics. This tale dates back to Thor #275 by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema. An Asgardian woman by the name of Sigyn was engaged to be married to a god named Theoric. However, Loki had Theoric killed and replaced him. The marriage went on with no one the wiser, and Odin accidentally wed Loki to Sigyn. Odin tried to annul the marriage, but this was something Odin could not do by Asgardian custom. Despite this, Sigyn actually grew fond of Loki--even growing to love him. They had children, and Sigyn helped Loki in some of his schemes. Ultimately, however, Loki would set Sigyn free of her marital vows, and she would die sometime afterward.

Who Are Loki's Kids?

Loki has several children running around the Marvel Comics Universe. There are the children Loki which are holdovers from Norse myth: Fenris Wolf, Hela, and Jormungandr, all born by Loki and a Jotun named Angerboda. There is also Sleipnir the eight-legged horse, who was allegedly the son of a stallion named Svadilfari and Loki as a mare. There are also Narvi and Vali, sons Loki had through Sigyn, but both have perished. There is Vali Halfling, the demigod son of Loki and an unnamed mortal woman. He is also an ancestor of the Pantheon, a race of superbeings often associated with Hulk. Tess Black is the demigod daughter of Loki and a different mortal woman. There is the self-proclaimed Son of Satan, who actually dates back to before the Marvel Age of heroes when Thor and Loki showed up in Marvel's Venus comics. His mother is unknown, and the Son of Satan has since died.

Is Loki Dead In The Comic Books?

Yes, the original Loki is currently dead in the Marvel Universe. He was slain by the Sentry when Loki betrayed Norman Osborn during the Siege of Asgard. Norman and his Dark Avengers were laying waste to Asgard, which Loki enabled at first. However, the Trickster God had a pang of conscience and used the Norn Stones against the Dark Avengers. Osborn then ordered the Sentry to kill Loki, and he did. However, there are three different copies of Loki that have cropped up since then. There is Ikol, a copy of Loki made from Loki's own spirit. There is Kid Loki, a child reincarnation that Odin looked after, but this copy was later killed and made part of Ikol. There is also King Loki, a future version of Ikol who lives far into the future and is ultimately killed by Gorr the God-Butcher. Ikol is the main Loki, and he is, for all intents and purposes, Loki in Marvel Comics now.

Is Loki Genderfluid In The Comic Books?

Yes, Loki has taken the form of a woman several times. Aside from the aforementioned bizarre episode with the horses, Loki was once a woman for a long period of time and seemingly has no issue using a female form when the mood strikes Loki. After the Final Ragnarok, Loki perished like the rest of Asgard. However, Thor was awakened by Donald Blake, and he began resurrecting his fellow Aesir who were locked in human bodies. Thor thought he found Lady Sif in the body of a woman, but it was revealed to be Loki. During this period, Loki mainly remained a woman but would jump between genders at times. These days, however, Loki seems to prefer the form of a man.

Has Loki Ever Lifted Thor's Hammer?

Surprisingly, yes, Loki has lifted Mjolnir in the comics. The first time was during the AXIS event, where many of Marvel's heroes and villains had their roles reversed by the Red Skull in the form of Red Onslaught. Loki was among them and became the God of Heroism. During this time, Loki was a hero and wielded Mjolnir before this reversal was undone by Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch. Recently, something seems to have changed with Mjolnir. Other individuals have been able to lift Mjolnir for a time, including a man named Adam Aziz and, indeed, Loki. However, this was a brief instance, as Thor summoned Mjolnir back to Asgard shortly after Loki picked it up.

What Exactly Are Loki's Powers In The Comics?

Loki's powers are kept somewhat vague in the comics. As an Asgardian, Loki has innate strength, durability, healing, and stamina beyond that of a normal human. His primary tool is his power over sorcery. Loki is a master sorcerer and even usurped the title of Sorcerer Supreme from Doctor Strange for a time. Loki can also duplicate himself, change shape and form, and speak in a language understood by all races across the universe. Loki also has something called "Story Creation," which he gained from a realm called the House of Ideas. This means that reality becomes whatever Loki remembers it to be. This is essentially reality manipulation by proxy, meaning he can alter the past through his own memory, which can, in turn, shape the present. The full consequence of this ability has yet to be shown.

What Is Loki's Relationship With Marvel Heroes Who Aren't Thor?

Most superheroes across the Marvel Universe don't trust Loki, but some have been forced to rely on him from time to time. The Avengers really don't trust Loki and would likely fight him on sight. Doctor Strange has a contemptuous relationship with Loki after he usurped the Sorcerer Supreme title for a time. Loki does have a mild friendship with Spider-Man after the Web-Head helped Loki some years ago. Jane Foster, aka the Valkyrie, has a similar relationship with Loki that Thor does--she wants to see the best in him but has been burned by that many times. Loki is petrified of the Sentry, as he remembers the Sentry slaying his original self in the Siege of Asgard. Loki has had a partnership with Wolverine at times, as Loki helped Logan track down the Infinity Stones the last time they popped up. Loki tried to work with Gamora at this point too, but she rebuffed him. Loki was at risk of being destroyed by the Celestials at one point, but a future Wolverine that was bonded to the Pheonix Force saved him. Also, Loki is the one who originally told Deadpool that he lives in a comic book, so Loki is the progenitor for much of Deadpool's insanity.

What Is Loki's Relationship With Other Marvel Villains?

Norman Osborn, naturally, hates Loki for his betrayal at the Siege of Asgard. Loki was a part of Norman Osborn's Cabal of villains, which also included Doctor Doom, the Hood, Taskmaster, Emma Frost, and Namor for a time. Malekith, Laufey, Ulik, and many of Thor's other enemies worked with Loki in the lead-up to the War of the Realms, but Loki betrayed them--leading to Laufey trying to kill his own son by eating him. Ultimately, however, Loki killed Laufey and broke free from his stomach. Now, these villains don't like Loki so much anymore. Magneto recruited Loki in his quest to bring down Red Onslaught, meaning that Magneto has some faith in Loki's reliability. Doctor Doom has had some run-ins with Loki as well, and the two have formed tense partnerships in the past. Doom never trusts Loki completely, however.

Why Did Odin Take In Loki In The First Place?

In the Thor film, Odin says that he took in Loki to form a future peace with Jotunheim. This isn't the case in the comics. In fact, it was revealed that Loki, with the help of Hela, used time-travel to lead Bor, father of Odin, to his death in Jotunheim. Later, Loki impersonated Bor's ghost to convince Odin to take the son of a fallen enemy home with him. Loki then instigated a battle between Odin and Laufey, which Odin won. The young Loki tried to fight Odin in his father's stead, and this act of bravery prompted Odin to take young Loki in.


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