8 Rarest Shiny Pokemon Added To Pokemon Go

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In the Pokémon universe, in everything from the mainline entries to Pokémon GO, few things are as rare as encountering a shiny Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon are known to have different coloration from their standard counterparts. Each species of Pokémon has at least two color variations, the standard form, and a shiny form. With over 893 known Pokémon species to date, deciding on the best shiny Pokémon is a tough task. Truthfully, shiny Pokémon are so rare that trainers would welcome just about any species, though there still exists the question of what exactly the best shiny Pokémon are.


Shiny Alolan Marowak

Shiny Alolan Marowak - The Alolan Marowak is a cursed fiery beast that is also extremely difficult to locate in Pokemon GO. Since there is no Alolan Cubone to which the Marowak will evolve, the Alolan Marowak can only be obtained through raids.


Shiny Krabby

Shiny Krabby - This golden-green Krabby vanished from the radars of trainers all over the world in November 2018, leading them to assume it had been eliminated from the game. It wasn't and still isn't impossible to acquire, but it's exceedingly rare.


Shiny hat-wearing Pikachu

Shiny hat-wearing Pikachu - A Pikachu wearing an Ash hat or the detective Pikachu hat is very rare but an even rarer version is to see the shiny version of these two Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


Shiny Alolan Vulpix

Shiny Alolan Vulpix - Another extremely rare Pokemon in the game is the shiny Alolan Vulpix. It was previously only available in 7KM eggs, but now players will be able to find them in the wild.


Shiny Alolan Grimer

Shiny Alolan Grimer - Along with all of the other Alolan Pokemon, the Alolan Grimer was introduced to Pokemon Go. Initially, only 7KM eggs could be used to hatch this Pokemon, but now the Alolan Grimer can be found in the wild as well.


Shiny Woobat

Shiny Woobat - The players can encounter one shiny Woobat every 500 encounters, which makes it a very rare shiny Pokemon. It evolves into the shiny Swoobat and has the same colour scheme as its base.


Shiny Abra

Shiny Abra - Shiny Abra was a total fluke, and it was never supposed to be published in Pokemon GO, so consider yourself extremely fortunate if you managed to catch him during that brief window. But, even if it hadn't been released in error, Abra's programming to teleport away would make it notorious to catch.


Shiny Party Hat Nidorino

Shiny Party Hat Nidorino - This one is a rare variant of the Pokemon as it was available for only three hours during a raid battle. One thing that the players should note is that the Shiny Party Hat version of this Pokemon is not available in Pokemon Go currently. This alternately coloured Nidorino wearing a festive party hat was only available during a three-hour raid in February 2020.